Liverpool defender Kolo - Toure believes the team demonstrated a strong enough spiritual strength, he hopes the home fans cheer to help the team to beat in the weekend double red congregation.

After the last round of league 3-3 draw with Arsenal, Liverpool Premier League is currently ranked ninth, while they will face Manchester United three points more than they, ranked 6.34-year-old Toure showing the team the past few weeks mental strength greatly enhanced, and he also looked forward to Anfield fans can play a key role in the race.

Toure told reporters: "This for us is a big game in recent weeks, our spiritual strength greatly enhanced, and this is very important for a big club, you must never give up when you still do not lose hold. play the ball belief, they are likely to end will be able to win the game. "

We show in the Arsenal never give out faith. We equalized the score in the last minute, this is really a crazy game, a crazy night, but we on the defensive end of the performance is not good enough, we lost 3 goals, so the next game with Manchester United game, we must come up with a better defensive performance. "

This is the kind of game you have to have a strong spiritual force to win If our spirit is strong enough, the fans like the game give the opponent the pressure, we have a chance to win the game."

Support of the fans is very important, which can give us extra motivation. A lot of games until the last moment the outcome is difficult to distinguish the players in the final moments will feel weak, but the support of fans to give players added motivation."

This is what we need. We need to keep the game level, then good results will come."

2016/1/15 14:35:20