Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri said he could not remember the last full health Valdivia what time, but he hopes Valdivia can prepare for the European Cup.

Ranieri revealed a groin strain, Valdivia did not participate in training over the past month, eventually underwent surgery in early January. Also this season, has also suffered Valdivia ankles and wrist injury, but he is still the leading scorer 15 goals.

Valdivia win over Tottenham game's first 71 minutes off the bench in Leicester 1-0, Ranieri hope he can be ready for the French European Cup. Ranieri said: "He shows that he has recovered from appearances, he will slowly get better it does not mean he will be scored more goals, but he will feel better.."

I can not tell him what time the last full health, but he can continue playing is very important. If he does not participate in training well, keep him state is also very important in the game, the game is like a workout for him. Val Di will start training with us, he will become better and better. "

England European Cup with Russia, Wales and Slovakia assigned to a group, Valdivia last season successfully entered into the national team squad in Hodgson.

After the 1-0 victory over Tottenham, Arsenal tied Leicester points, ranking second only because of goal difference gap, Ranieri said he needs to avoid player fatigue and injuries the team.

He said: "At this stage a good recovery is more important than to participate in training, there are problems in the body of the Champions League the club faces the task will be even greater and to six months, which has become the national team's problems.

2016/1/15 14:38:34