Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the team new aid Aierneini ability to succeed in the Premiership.

This Egyptian internationals in today officially joined Arsenal from Basel, Switzerland, in Basel, he helped the team win the league for three consecutive years. Wenger believes Aierneini previous experience in Switzerland will help him to better adapt to a new life in London.

Wenger said: "I believe he will be a good complement to the team he started and did not directly join a big club, he had in other European team effectiveness experience can help him to better integrate into the team he did. 23 years old, but already has a Champions League, the effectiveness of the European Union and Ruichao league experience, he is a highly adaptable midfielder. "

He not only served as versatile midfielder also capable of midfield ball, we are very optimistic about him, we always wanted a player can play multiple positions. His strength lies in his technique, vision, thinking, competition attitude and physical condition. I think he already has the ability to gain a foothold in the Premiership. "

But he still needs to adapt to some changes after the transfer, to learn how to survive in the Premiership. He may need some time to adapt, but I believe he finally has the ability to do very well.

2016/1/15 14:50:15