According to the "Mirror" reported, the last time Liverpool scored Arsenal's draw with Manchester City player scene that cheered.

With Joe - Allen scored 90 minutes when Liverpool 3-3 home draw with Arsenal. This scene makes Manchester City player happy for them, because it means they are away from the gunmen of the points gap is still only 3 points. They did not win in this round Everton, but fortunately title rivals Arsenal also did not win.

Blue Moon Defender Sagna said: "I am very happy, yes, because we have the opportunity this season to get the Premiership title, a chance to start to win the game, just like the beginning of the season I would say that now, draw Everton. 1 point is good, if Arsenal lead five minutes, then it is difficult to chase. Liverpool effort tied the score at the last moment, we are still thin 3 points. We remain confident that we did not win Everton But we did not lose. If you can not win, then at least do not lose. "

Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis said: "I believe that Arsenal did not win is very important, and we're just three points leader, we must continue to fight until the last moment we have a lot of games you can make up 3 points behind. Of course, we need to win as quickly as possible, because Arsenal will be a guest Stoke City, the game will be very difficult. We have the opportunity to close the gap. We must continue on a second half of the performance, if you can do it, then we can win the next one, and then the next one.

2016/1/15 14:54:19