Sports will teach you experience happiness and sadness, but also teach you how to maintain good relations with others. I like to control the overall situation of a person, but in football it is impossible. But with experience, with the help of the people around me gradually overcome all this. In general, when a player is better than a coach. "Enrique recently in an interview that with respect to the coach, he prefers to do the players.

For his current work in Barcelona, Enrique said: "If a man make every effort, no longer demanding what the pressure is always there, but I can understand the inner self is derived from the requirements of this is. a very stringent requirements, perfectionism often hurt me. in Barcelona, the pressure is better than the other big teams, but I'm very satisfied with their jobs. "

Enrique believes the team's next challenge is still daunting: "The team next challenge is to win as many titles, personal aspect, I then want to be able to share life with my family as possible.

2016/1/15 15:02:13