Recently played for the North American Major League Montreal Impact club Chelsea legend Drogba published his autobiography, "commitment", which disclosed a number of interesting Blues dressing room.

2004 26-year-old Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba to the price of 24 million pounds from French club Marseille to join Chelsea, according to Didier Drogba description, he was in England and Chelsea football club a lack of understanding, came the first day of the training course: "I noticed a very very strong player, he looks very young, to see the way he looks and trained to walk, and I think he was the reserve team."

"'Funny,' then I think: 'They took him to be brought about in order to add some first team experience it' after the end of training sessions, I asked another player just who that guy was, 'That is the captain!' he said, laughing: 'John - Terry!' Thus I know the team is really pathetic, I did not recognize our new young captain John Terry. "

Chelsea's first two seasons, Drogba's performance is not satisfactory, he once wanted to return to the French. According to Didier Drogba he revealed that Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard was persuaded that he was determined to continue to stay at Stamford Bridge.

"With that single-handedly let me remain in the Chelsea man is Frank - Frank Lampard," It was Drogba Frank Lampard received a message, this is the first Lampard sent him a text message: "Ha Drogba myself, I hope you can continue to stay together because we have to win the league title, we must also win the Champions League together. "

In 2012 after six years, "Chelsea Old Boy" Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Terry and Cech finally come true in the Champions League, won the big ear cups together to achieve the original promise.

After leaving Chelsea, Mourinho, 2008 Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari took over Chelsea pointer, he hoped the introduction of Brazilian striker Adriano replace Drogba, Scolari told Drogba's team is no longer needed he, he must himself looking for a new club in the winter window.

"After I finished talking Scolari, the first thing is to call the owner Roman Abramovich, and explained my situation through one of his aides, but they told me: 'No, you do not take what, who told you To leave? '"followed in February 2009 Scolari was fired, Chelsea Authority played a role.

January 2011 Liverpool Golden Boy Fernando - Torres to 50 million pounds worth joining Chelsea, but he flies and unhappy at the Blues. While there is competition between Drogba and Torres, but he was very sympathetic to the situation of Torres and his pressure to bear. "I respect Liverpool, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres at Anfield is the king of the Red Army, but at Chelsea, we have 22 king."

2012 Chelsea again experience coaching turmoil, when he was coach Boas was fired interim coach DiMatteo took the pointer, led the Blues the achievement of a myth. Drogba recalled the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona at the Nou Camp Blues, John Terry was sent off in the first half, Chelsea had to ten against, but the players are not afraid.

"The players really dare to take responsibility, the coach is telling Ivanovic let him play halfback, but Bosingwa said: 'No, no, I have to play halfback,' and then he told us how he felt others should I do not mind playing, I remember saying: 'If you need to, then I can play left back, we do not need a striker, I can play forward and left back, look at the case may be.' "

Chelsea followed by Barcelona failed to make a solid defense, the last time Torres staged long-range attacks, the ultimate blue magically eliminated Barcelona 2-2, with Bayern Munich in the Champions League final rendezvous.

2012 Champions League final at the Allianz Arena, home to Bayern Munich were Chelsea players fought a bloody war, but the Bayern players Muller still made a goal in the 83rd minute, the Blues fans once despair, Drogba also feel hopeless situation.

"I was ready to put the ball into the circle again kick-off, my mouth and shouted: 'No, no, no '24 year-old Mata is one encouraged me to move on, he told me:!' Does not Drogba, you have to cherish faith, you must believe in miracles. "

Drogba also recalled that he heard the Blues defender David - Ruiz told Bayern midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger: "You look at it, we have scored." Drogba followed by magical corner to tie the score, a few years later in an interview with David - Ruiz had mentioned depressed Schweinsteiger said to him: "You're just a ghost, and do not talk to me."

Overtime began shortly after Drogba foul on Franck Ribery, the referee ordered a penalty kick, who played for Chelsea, Bayern winger Arjen Robben penalty kick, Drogba and Frank Lampard in his ear chatter. "Robben, the Chelsea player you are, you can not do this! Do not so dry! But just it, we all know where to broadside you."

"We heard the words of Robben go, no doubt, because his shot soft and weak, completely unlike his previous shot, a little chewy are not, then Cech on Puzhu his penalty."

The summer of 2014 the second time Mourinho took over Chelsea Drogba back to Stamford Bridge, World of Warcraft, together with the new generation of the Blues won a fourth Premier League title, and thereafter he chose to continue football career, landing North American professional Major League. However, according to Drogba revealed that this year the winter break he is likely to return to Chelsea training on hold.

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