FIFA to investigate the club for the transfer of young players, Real Madrid club issued a statement on the official website:

Given the media coverage of the La Liga club were teenagers FIFA transfer investigation, according to the relevant provisions of the FIFA transfer, Real Madrid would like to express the following:

1. Real Madrid Transfers to defend normal and healthy development of young players, and has been working with the purpose of this survey exactly.

2. Real Madrid in a limited time, to transfer the Commission provides details of documents and information required. Whether it is Real Madrid itself or the Spanish Football Federation, all data transfers are complete composite norms, in strict accordance with the player registration regulations.

3. The club does not prove the existence of irregularities in the transfer operation, the club provides to FIFA 51 player's transfer files and information.

4. In addition, in order to avoid questions about the outside world, Real Madrid, the club announced that it has provided a fair and equitable transfer of gold to his former club for all players, and signed the agreement in accordance with FIFA norms, fully protect the legitimate interests of the players and the club's amateur . All operations are consistent with the relevant provisions of the FIFA transfer issued.

5. The appeal is evidence that, in any case, Real Madrid in the introduction of these foreign players are all minor legal information and documented.

2016/1/15 15:03:15