Liverpool boss Klopp admits he is considering a new striker for the team to add to enhance the strength of the Red Army offensive.

Liverpool in 21 games this season, the league only scored only 25 goals, due to injuries, Klopp striker arm is very small person. Sturridge still can not play, Danny - Ince has announced the season, while Origi is also injured in the body. The Reds striker the only healthy but played poorly Turk, Klopp had to be pushed up front midfielder Phil Mino.

Liverpool had been on loan defender Caulker fill vacancies, but they still need reinforcements up front. And one of the candidates is considered Bilbao striker Williams. This name Spanish star has scored 10 goals this season.

Klopp said: "It's not easy, a player sidelined for two weeks, as you think, 'Well, we bought a couple', but after two weeks, we have more than one or two players because they are. back. buy player is not easy. We do not have much strikers to choose from, it is a fact. "

"This situation and position as defender Skrtel also need a few weeks truce, Lovren, no recovery Nicolas, there are problems Colo. - Toure experienced, very experienced but he very good?! So, then we must do something. We can always consider offensive end what can be done. Probably, perhaps, may never. Then we will consider where to go next.

2016/1/16 14:07:59