Munich local media, "Munich Daily" said an almost unimaginable, but true fact imminent to happen soon, it is a full and healthy Bayern may really be there, but the question is, if the Scene Guardiola coached more than two years almost never really happened, Guardiola in the end how the formations it?

Bayern original lineup is adequate, but because of the past two years, injuries, injuries caused by automatic rotation, has lead to "full health when the team may be hidden" problem pupils who are worried never appeared.

But now, Bayern really want to be close to full health, and in the winter break, Costa, Robben, Alabama and other players have all returned from injury, while the recovery is still training in the grid policy, and Franck Ribery Burnett Tia trio will also be back from injury in the near future, then, Bayern's players will be able to play all the games, it also gives Guardiola out of a very big problem, because the field position is only 11, but Almost every position has two considerable strength player wants competition, which may result in the team's locker room to produce risk.

As Muller says: "If only 11 healthy players, you know you will definitely get the chance, but if there are 15, 16 players are eligible to race for the team's harmony, it may have some problems.

2016/1/16 14:10:15