Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal said it was difficult to imagine Manchester United need to wait 26 years to win the league.

In 1993, Manchester United under Ferguson's leadership, finally ended a 26-year wait for the league title this weekend, Manchester United will be away to Liverpool, if Liverpool can not win this season, it will also be tied Manchester United's 26 years' championship drought " record.

But Van Gaal opinion, the Red Devils will not wait another 26 years to win the league, "I can not imagine this would happen, although we are now in a transitional period, but we have the foundation, and the team in the right way forward. "

It is worth mentioning that, nearly eight league Manchester United win only one game, if Liverpool can not beat this round, which will also be the team's worst record since the 1989-90 season, the league's nine. In this regard, Van Gaal said, "You can say we played bad, because a team like Manchester United must be in the top three in the league, for Liverpool, this is the same."

White Manchester United since 2014, Van Gaal led the team to three times to achieve victory and Liverpool played against, of course, the game, the state of the recovery team Rooney will be the key to victory. In the past three games, Rooney scored four goals, but before 10 visits to Anfield, Rooney scored only one goal.

In this regard, Van Gaal, "said Rooney must break the record, if that happens, I will be very happy when he scored, I always feel very relaxed, I'll bet all Rooney.

2016/1/16 14:17:19