Manchester City boss Pellegrini expressed continuously injuries to Compagni himself very worried. 29-year-old Kompany had on Boxing Day and Sunderland comeback, but only nine minutes after the injury was sustained, he would leave.

Pellegrini said: "He is the team first very worried about the current situation of the players, so his recent visit different specialists to find a cure."

Belgians Manchester City this season, played only 21 league games in eight games. He first appeared in injured Sept. 15 and Juventus match, after a brief comeback by the end of October he has been sidelined until Boxing Day and Sunderland.

Kompany originally estimated return time is the end of January, but Pellegrini expressed captain's return may be greater than expected late. Pellegrini added: "When you're not playing when injured, Compagni approach is correct you have to leave no stone unturned to see if we can find solutions."

Maybe it's simply no way, maybe this will be the last time he was injured. But I think his attitude is very good, he was best efforts to return to the game.

2016/1/16 14:19:15