Real Madrid, Manchester City striker has been interested in the introduction of Aguero, but Pellegrini said it was impossible.

Since the two transfer window ban was punishment FIFA, Real Madrid intend to invest heavily in the introduction in January this year players. But Pellegrini expressed Aguero will not go to Real Madrid, Manchester City is becoming the same level, and on their teams on the road.

Pellegrini said: "Manchester City's goal is to want to become a Real Madrid team that level we are making progress every year, all aspects of the club are close to them.."

Real Madrid has a long but glorious history, is one of the best clubs in the past many years of them, I believe that Manchester City are now on the right path, trying to be a club like Real Madrid."

Aguero with Manchester City currently have three and a half years of the contract, the player himself has revealed he wants to end the contract after the return to their home team Argentina independent effect.

Since the age of 18 in violation of the rules the players use, Real Madrid suffered a FIFA transfer window ban two penalties. They have this appeal, hoping to get probation.

Pellegrini added:. "This will have some impact those clubs, especially those who want to get the best players in the club at present we are only concerned about the team must do, as to what will happen next transfer market is not we are concerned.

2016/1/16 14:20:28