Recent weeks a number of media reports, Arsenal club intends to Dortmund striker Aubameyang. But Aubameyang once again expressed his determination to stay in Dortmund, being an Arsenal fan asked whether it will move when Aubameyang smiled and shook his head: "do not."

Aubameyang outstanding performance in 2015, and was elected African Footballer of the Year in 2015, over half of the Bundesliga with 18 goals Houaobamei Yang leading scorer in the Bundesliga. Before the interview, Aubameyang also say they will stay in Dortmund.

Winter training camp in Dubai, Aubameyang once again expressed his determination. An Arsenal fan asked whether Aubameyang Arsenal will move when Aubameyang calmly shook his head: "Of course not." Then the Arsenal fans continue to ask: "Why not ? "Aubameyang did not answer, just laugh it off.

2016/1/16 14:23:05