According to British media, "Daily Mail" said the Liverpool and Arsenal are competing for Athletic Bilbao striker Williams, who is the league's fastest players.

In last May's 1-1 draw with Deportivo Bilbao's game, Williams running speeds of up to 22.2 miles per hour, breaking the Spanish record. In Wednesday's King's Cup match, Arsenal sent scouts to watch the Williams performance, he scored lore in the game to help the team win 1-0, while Liverpool have now joined the ranks of the competition.

Wenger was interested in the player, and consider offer in January, but Bilbao did not want him to leave. Spanish team is pushing the player's contract work, it is learned, Bilbao hope to the player's liquidated damages up to 76.3 million pounds. In February last year, and Turin's game, Williams became the club's 117-year history as the first black player to score.

Tottenham had also been linked with Williams, Rinpoche Tarantino hoping to find a substitute for the Kane. Williams qualified for three positions attack line, he was placed in the Spanish U21 national team center position.

As the Turk's poor performance, plus, Sturridge injuries, Klopp also believes Williams is to strengthen the front line of suitable candidates. And due to the impact of the transfer ban, Madrid duo also very interested in Williams, which makes Klopp's work will be more difficult.

Williams played 14 times this season in the league, and made six goals.

2016/1/16 14:24:08