According to the Manchester City official website reported that Blue Moon legend Colin - Bell (Colin Bell), said David - Silva Manchester City is one of the best in team history, called irreplaceable.

Bell worked for Manchester City fans known as the king, but he said the term is more suitable for Silva. He said: "Manchester City Silva can play any team, in my mind that he is one of the best 11 people, out of a dream to see him play the ball at his feet, the whole team have been invigorated. Without him the situation is completely different. He is irreplaceable, very suitable for modern football. "

"Tell me that's compared to those Silva is the best. We had a different style of play and now, I'm kind of in the area back and forth between the two players, energetic running a lot, but now playing France is not the case. I usually responsible for tackling and heading, but Silva is not required to do so. Manchester City's success in recent years, Silva contributed, is a pleasure to see him play. "

"It was playing conditions are very poor, with the arrival of winter turf is very bad. Playing like wash mud bath, passing is very difficult. I really like to watch football Silva, his movement, vision and basketball IQ is my seen the best, and I hope he continues to play for Manchester City. We have invested a lot of money over the years, but in my opinion Silva and Aguero is irreplaceable. "Bell said.

2015/11/19 2:34:12