Sits at home in Rockets ushered in today's challenging Knight, rocket attack blocked the field feel the cold, Knight was established from the third quarter began more than 20 points lead early lead. Eventually, Knight away from home to beat the Rockets 91-77 to win the victory.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 10 voted 2 to get only 11 points, five rebounds and five assists, but also appeared in eight turnovers, Dwight - Howard 14 points and 11 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Patrick - Beverly 13 points three rebounds and three assists. Substitute aspects, Terence - Jones and Marcus - Thornton 2 of 16 shots in total, the two received a total of 5 points.

Rider data: Carey - Owen 23 points and four rebounds, LeBron - James 19 points and seven rebounds and seven assists, Kevin - Carrefour 11 points and 13 rebounds, JR- Smith 13 points and five rebounds. Substitute side, Tristan - Thompson 10 points and five rebounds.

Rocket start very eye-catching performance, in addition to Harden not start the first third of the attempt and foreign, followed by six rocket attack all have scored for Houston, including Trevor Ariza, including one-third, the Rockets scored 13 points and start to get 9-point lead . Knights start relying on James and JR- Smith scores a goal, the return of James and Smith pause together again hit two three-pointers to help the Cavaliers to stabilize the situation. Relying on the continuous stalemate rocket attack the paint and keep score prison slight advantage. Knight's scoring drought was broken at the last moment, Richard - Jefferson hit three outside, Dellavedova then Shumpert steals almost hit the buzzer shot, the Cavaliers shot a wave of 8-1 offensive last paragraph to 23- 21 go-ahead score.

Knight in the second quarter continues the hot state, Owen hit the long shot one scored 4 points, Knight scored eight points start widening lead. Rocket poor state here, eat in the area rely on Howard Johnson barely get points. Knight initiative scenes occupy the offensive again, Owen outside hit the third, then again in the shooting, he scored five points in the performance re-opened the lead. Rockets feel very bad here, consecutive errors opponents continue to play back, James, in the last moments before the whistle hit a layup advantage widened to double digits. Harding Park half, the Cavaliers to 46-35 with a 11-point advantage into the second half.

Halftime break back, the Rockets still can not find the good way, they rely on difficult to score goals Capella and Howard, the other hand knight here, Carrefour hit consecutive three-pointers to make them just a little catching the score was again opened. Beverley and Trevor Ariza subsequent re-catching third score, but nonetheless really bad state of the team as a whole, easy basket opportunities Capella scored twice failed to anti so far as to make continuous beaten knight counterattack, JR - Smith hit the third space on the right 45 degrees, James counterattack straight kill the basket layup. Terry hit three-pointers to help the Rockets last paragraph of bleeding, Howard at the opponent's foul free throws. Section III cruised the Rockets to 51-68 behind a full 17 points.

The last 12 minutes, the Rockets still in a passive, relying on Thompson Knight even with a fine cast once again will be widened to 20 points or more. Beverley returned pause third to help the Rockets stop bleeding, Harden layup followed by slightly under fast catching up the score. But the Knights responded quickly, Owen breakthrough succeeded, James reached the basket dunks, Knight then played 8-0 offensive to re-pull the big score lead. Eventually, Knight away from home to beat the Rockets 91-77 to win the victory.

2016/1/16 14:40:01