Nuggets two straight at home continue to be based today welcomed the Heat challenges, Wade missed the field, Whiteside scored 19 points and 17 rebounds and 11 blocks of three pairs of data, the first half leading the Nuggets get 16 points Unexpectedly, the third quarter was Whiteside's big hat fan ignorant, a single by the Miami Heat recovered 14 points. Distal two sides back to the same starting line, the last one minute, the Heat lead two minutes, while Gallinari Barton and not in the third, the Heat 98-95 to achieve reversal.
Nuggets data: Emanuel - Mudi Ai 16 points and 4 assists, Kenneth - Farid 14 points and five rebounds, Darrell - Arthur 18 points and eight rebounds, Gary - Harris 11 points and 2 assists, Nigeria Dracula - Jokic 9 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.
Heat data: Hassan - Whiteside 19 points, 17 rebounds and 11 blocked shots, Chris Bosh - 24 points, three rebounds, Benno - Deli 11 points and 11 assists, lol - Deng 12 points and five rebounds, Taylor - Johnson 15 points and 4 assists.
Wade in this field due to shoulder pain injury, Steven Gerrard - Green was the top starter. Deli reverse layup succeeded, the Heat's first 2 points, then scored inside Whiteside positive response. Nuggets here - Gary Harris hit a jumper, Gallinari enters third lesson. Mudi Ai opening quickly enter the state, he scored two three-pointers, then firmly hit a jumper to help the team gradually expand the lead. - Gary Harris incident after the third, the Nuggets have come to a double-digit lead. Taylor - Johnson, not in the third, the first section end of the game, the Nuggets to 31-20 lead 11 minutes into the second section of the Heat game.
Section II opening, Barton launched into third, Jokic layup will lead to further expansion. But Taylor - Johnson hit a jumper, Stoudemire backhand layup labeled 2 +1, slightly to save some face for the team. Gallinari hand ring true today, though, but by continuously fouled up points with free throws as a team. Half of the second section, height and arm length continuous Whiteside scored in the paint, to become one of the few highlights of the Heat offense. Jokic rebounds labeled 2 + 1 after the end of the game the first half, the Nuggets to 62-46 lead 16 minutes into the second half of the Heat game.
The second half began, Bosh layup, Udrih hit a jumper, lol - Deng scored inside, the Heat shot 7-0 offensive chase points. The middle of the third quarter, Bosh with a fine cast scored six points, but Farid immediately stood out, he scored six points, the performance is not much better. Whiteside repeatedly sent clouds of large cap, tough defense of the Heat's no-fly zone. Under his big hat, led the Heat repeatedly beaten back, Taylor - Johnson jumper network, Winslow launched into the third, the Heat gradually approaching the score. Barton jumper after the end of the third quarter, the Heat lead the Nuggets to 78-76 two minutes into the final one of the competition.
Distal Heat build on the progress: lol - Deng jumper network, Winslow layup and three have succeeded, the Heat shot a wave of 9-0 offensive. But Nelson launched into thirds, Arthur jumper network, the score clenched. The last 18 seconds, leading the Heat Bosh hit a jumper 2 points, Gallinari not in the third, Bosh made two free throws, leaving the Nuggets a chance, but Nelson grab missed shots, the game this conclusion, the final heat achieve reversal.

2016/1/16 14:44:11