Sits at home in Bucks usher in today's challenging Eagles, two teams fighting 48 minutes is still a tie, overtime Carter-Williams and Antetokounmpo two deadly three-pointers in mind to help the Bucks opened the score and seal the victory. Eventually, the home game of the Bucks beat the Hawks 108-101 to win the victory.

Bucks data: Ioannis -Antetokounmpo28 points 16 rebounds and three blocked shots, Chris - Middleton 26 points and four rebounds and three assists, Greg - Monroe 15 points and 12 rebounds, Michael - Carter - Williams 15 points and nine rebounds and seven assists. Substitute side, John - Henson 10 points, seven rebounds and six blocked shots.

Eagles data: - Paul Millsap 23 points and 10 rebounds and six assists and four blocked shots, Al - Horford 18 points and eight rebounds, Kyle - Kyle Korver 17 points, four rebounds and three assists, Jeff - Teague 9 points, 10 assists and four rebounds. Substitute side, Dennis - Schroeder 16 points and five rebounds.

Korver opening will hit a shot to pull the game's prologue, then Millsap scored four points to help lead the Hawks made the start. Milwaukee's performance is not bad, Carter-Williams scored the team's first points of the shooting, and then Parker and Monroe succeeded continuous attack the paint biting score. Eagles feel pause after returning down quickly seize the opportunity to continuously play back the Bucks, Middleton scored four points, the Bucks rely on quick counter-attack success equalizer. Schroeder's wake-up key three rockets, followed by Scott once again hit the third, the Hawks to 28-22 to regain the lead into the sect.

Second section back, Monroe considerable destruction in the post, his first foul of two free throws, followed by a continuous basket succeeded catching the score. Eagles here also rely on the impact of the basket to score, Schroeder and Horford's goal for the team to keep the advantage. Pause return to play both sides still inextricably, Kyle Korver, Teague and Millsap hit consecutive three-pointers to help the Hawks opened the score. Unfortunately, the distal ends of their offensive and defensive comprehensive fall Bucks rely on Carter-Williams and Antetokounmpo consecutive fouls catch up the score. Harding Park half, the Bucks to 46-51 with five-point deficit into the second half.

Easy side battles, Bucks start very successful, Middleton hit consecutive shots, Monroe layup basket storm, start the Bucks a wave of 12-4 offensive will be worse chase one point. Millsap and Horford inside the twin towers which consecutive goals to help the Hawks to stabilize the situation. Pause return, the Bucks to launch the second wave of attack, O'Bryant and Henson basket continuous succeeded, Carter-Williams outside hit the third, the Bucks once again sent a wave of 11-2 offensive go-ahead score. Schroeder key three to help stabilize the situation the Eagles, Hawks play 7-0 to regain the lead. Three cruised the Hawks to 76-73 maintained a 3-point advantage.

Close to the score but also to become more intense fourth quarter, the Eagles start to perform better, Horford teammate neat pass dunks succeeded, hit the third with Houkewoer widening lead. Bucks returning after a pause continuous beaten back, Middleton and Antetokounmpo succeeded continuous attack the basket to tie the game successfully. Since then the two sides each labeled attack, the Bucks rely on free throws to get the two points, Hawks Horford with big shots of the equalizer. Since then both sides have failed to score, the game was dragged into overtime.

Both chances in overtime, the Hawks rely Horford and Teague's goal was go-ahead score, but Carter-Williams key three points to help the Bucks to regain the lead. Pause return Antetokounmpo grabbed offensive rebounds pull directly hit the third will lead widened to 7 points to seal the victory. Eventually, the home game with the Bucks beat the Hawks 108-101 to win the victory.

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