Bulls back to back at home against Dallas, Pau Gasol and Ross comeback campaign. Two teams in the game hit rate is not high, the score tightly bite, has been entangled to competition before finally determine the winner. With Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks Williams dropped into third at the crucial moment, able to lead. In the end, the Mavericks 83-77 Lectra Bulls on the road to end the 2-game losing streak.

Bulls data: Derek - Rose 18 points and 4 rebounds, Jimmy - Butler 8 2 4 points and 6 assists and 4 rebounds, Paul - Gasol 17 points and 8 rebounds and 4 assists, Thailand - Gibson 9 points and 11 rebounds; Subs: Iraq Tropsch Wan - Moore 8 points and 3 rebounds, Kirk - Kirk Hinrich seven points and two rebounds.

Mavericks data: Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki 21 points, seven rebounds, Deron - Williams 18 points and 6 assists, Chandler - Parsons 8 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds, Wesley - Matthews 8 points 6 rebounds, Zaza - Pachulia 9 points, 10 rebounds and four assists; Substitutes: Jose - Barea 9 points and 3 assists, German - Harris 5 points and 3 rebounds, Javier - McKee 5 points and 5 rebounds.

Bulls home game start to take the lead into the state, Pau Gasol and inside succeeded Ross Gibson in sudden foreign investment with 7 points, the Bulls played 13-3 start. However, the Mavericks gradually found touch in this half of the Festival, Williams hit the third, Matthews and Harris score, the Mavericks answered with 7-0, the points deficit to 3 points. The last paragraph of this section of the rotation time, the two teams exchange that lineup, the Bulls Hinrich fast break counterattack labeled as 2 + 1, and the manufacture of anti-hit four consecutive free throws, individual scored 7 points, but the Mavericks bench Barea soared in the third retaliate, Mackey in the last attack as 2 + 1, the Mavericks at the end of the first biting score to 18-22.

Mavericks come back in the second quarter off offensive chase points, Dirk Nowitzki made two free throws and manufacture of anti-hit the third, McGee completed to empty dunk, the Mavericks play 8-2, the successful go-ahead score. However, the Bulls responded promptly, Pau Gasol and Gibson successive rebounds tipped score, Ross break layup to complete 2 record, the Bulls answered with a wave 12-2, to re-establish an eight-point lead. While Barea in the last paragraph of this section in the sudden foreign investment for the Mavericks scored 4 points, Dirk Nowitzki also hit four free throws manufacture of anti-personnel, but the Bulls maintained a good feel, Mirotic, Ross, Pau Gasol and other serials Score respond, the Bulls able to maintain a leading edge to 46-36 lead into halftime 10 points. Bulls backup center Noah dislocated left shoulder in the early part of the second quarter, directly out of the race.

After the halftime break, the Bulls seem to feel left in the locker room, they plunged the early part of the hit rate in the third quarter, the first five and a half minutes in only 2 points. Mavericks took the opportunity to play score climax, Pachulia scored 4 points, Dirk Nowitzki, Matthews and Parsons succeeded in the basket, Williams soared in the third, the Mavericks more flowering wave blasted the climax of 15-2, in one fell swoop go-ahead score to 51-48. However, the Bulls Festival in this paragraph and a half gradually revived, Jimmy - Butler in the sudden foreign investment scored 4 points, Rose and Pau Gasol also scored off the bench Portis also dropped into the third, the Bulls re-overtake The score at the end of the third quarter to 61-59 lead two minutes.

Expand the teams bench early in the fourth exchange, the Bulls dumped and assists Portis Moore hit a layup, but the Mavericks answered with Harris hit three, Barea also scored, leading the two sides alternately in the score. Later, the two teams gradually starting in exchange for a minority, Luo Sili sudden foreign investment and scored 4 points, but Williams immediately answered with a layup and hit the third, the Mavericks ahead with 1 minute. However, the Mavericks feel suddenly found at the crucial moment, Williams and Dirk Nowitzki hit consecutive three-pointers, the Mavericks build a seven-point lead, the game time is 2 minutes left. Bulls in the final launched counterattack, Gasol scored five points stand out, but Nowitzki answered with a jumper, Deron firmly hit free throws, the Mavericks hold victory.

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