Before this round of competition, Liverpool only three points behind Manchester United, Liverpool after this season, Klopp took even Zuckerman City, Chelsea, Arsenal and the last round is thrilling fight to the last minute to obtain a draw. The game is sitting at home to face Manchester United, is bound to have a war. After the New Year, Rooney sudden recovery a good competitive state, this game if you want three points, will be needed to play the full Rooney and Marshall. Start of the race. The first three minutes, Marshall Henderson fouls internal cut brought before the games kick, kick Blinder but was Nicolas ejection. The first eight minutes, Fellaini and Lucas headed scraping the ground, but fortunately did not cause illness. The first 10 minutes, Liverpool quick counterattack, Lucas Houchangchangzhuan, Lallana header was blocked Degea attack, after the plug to keep up with the shot Phil Mino Unfortunately Kankan sliding doors . The first 12 minutes, Phil Mino large range Milner transferred to the right, but the latter shot at Damian's interference over the bar. The first 17 minutes, Henderson periphery try long shots flying directly to the outside. The first 27 minutes, Henderson leaning against defensive players received Lallana's pass, turned and hit the door refracted the bottom line. The first 29 minutes, but deviated from the goal kick Herrera periphery. The first 30 minutes, made with inner Henderson and Phil minocycline, Lallana three penalty area, but Henderson last kick hit the door slightly miss the opportunity slip out the door. Then the two teams into a stalemate, Liverpool slowed the offensive, while Manchester United also took the opportunity to secure defense. The first 42 minutes, Ashley - Young accidental injury leave, the teenager Jackson off the bench. The first 45 minutes, Marshall left foot shot into the restricted area but the ball hit the defensive players. Then the end of the first half, the two sides compete for the first half ended goalless.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 50 minutes, Phil Mino pass Lallana, after which the light transmission plug Emre - Zhan small angle hit the door but was Degea light rub variable line sliding doors. The first 56 minutes, Marshall got the ball in the area after the same calm breakthrough foot shot slip out the door! The first 61 minutes, Manchester United won the corner kick opportunities, the first point is Mignolet saved, Damian buckle Defensive Player of the foot shot burst unfortunately over the bar. The first 63 minutes, Emre - Zhan peripheral unmarked minor adjustments kicker hit the door, but the angle being too goalkeeper in his arms. The first 66 minutes, replaced Lin Jiade Mata bench. The first 66 minutes, Emre - Zhan and Phil minocycline successive legs are Degea single shot saved. The first 72 minutes, Herrera was Memphis - Pres bench replaced. The first 75 minutes, Fellaini defense Henderson booked for a foul. The first 76 minutes, replaced Lallana Eby bench. The first 78 minutes, Manchester United won the corner kick opportunity, Mata pass, Feilai Ni header hit the crossbar, unmarked Rooney burst shot ripped through the goal kick to break the deadlock, 0-1! This is Wayne Rooney for Manchester United's first 176 goals, surpassing Henry became a single team scorer. The first 80 minutes, this Turk off the bench, replaced substitute Kolo - Toure. The first 85 minutes, Rooney peripheral long-range attempt but deviate goal. The first 89 minutes, Milner back pass Road, this Turk shot blocked, Phil Mino blank range also Degea bag. The first 89 minutes, Milner was replaced Caulker bench. In the end, Manchester United away 0-1 win over Liverpool, winning the double Societies

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