This season Manchester City and Crystal Palace to win two games. Although a mediocre Manchester City and Everton draw, but Crystal Palace but highs this season, nearly four games but no gains. Fernandinho and Bernie eliminate from the injured list, the game no accidents will occur in the squad. The game Zabaleta and Iheanacho in the starting middle. Start of the race. The first two minutes, the Crystal Palace into the state faster, Wickham cross, Delaney header was saved by Hart struggling. The first 12 minutes, but he was blocked Silva periphery long defensive player. The first 15 minutes, Dunn and Wickham successive directs it to no avail. The first 22 minutes, Silva and Pablo Zabaleta on the right slightly with the former pass Deer Fu, Deer Fu heavy artillery long-range bombers little dribbling kick into the goal, 1-0! Manchester City easily lead. The first 24 minutes, Hart kick-off errors, Delaney got the ball fell to the ground Chan She unfortunately over the bar. The first 29 minutes, Silva peripheral long-range kick the ball hit the defensive players. The first 33 minutes, Deer Fu stumble Caballe, who direct free kick goal dead center of the box, but was saved by Hart fell to the ground. The first 38 minutes, Silva bottom line return door, kicked the ball fell to the ground before Aguero goal, football Kankan slip out the door. The first 40 minutes, Aguero's goal did not wait too long, Iheanacho defensive players left flashed back pass unmarked Aguero, who scored easily adjust the angle of shot and dead, 2-0! Manchester City to expand the score. The first 44 minutes, the ball inside the restricted area Aguero turned Shishe Delaney who hit over the bar. The first 46 minutes, Manchester City corner kick, Aguero at the far post but the ball turned and shot over the bar. Then the end of the first half, Manchester City 2-0 Crystal Palace is leading into the second half.

Easy side battles the second half, the snow situation more and more, both sides have had some impact. The first 52 minutes, carat Rove injury ahead of departure, Krishna bench. The first 57 minutes, Yaya Toure replaced the bench performance in this game generally Iheanacho. The first 59 minutes, Ledley hit long-range attempt in the periphery of the defensive players. The first 64 minutes, plug in the endo-long-range kick after Ward slightly off goal. The first 68 minutes, Yaya Toure after the plug points to the side of De Bruyne, who easily cross Road to stir the mess after the Crystal Palace defense Aguero Aguero easily fire started, 3-0! Aguero scored twice. The first 76 minutes, after heavy artillery but Cabaye disrupt slightly off the goal. The first 80 minutes, MacArthur was replaced, Mucci debut. The first 81 minutes, Ledley foul on Silva, gave Manchester City a front kick. Yaya Toure takes it hit the man on the wall. The first 84 minutes, Manchester City hit back, Aguero human ball points after flash Ward easily cross to plug in after calmly Silva, who easily push Kongmen succeeded, 4-0! Silva icing on the cake. Then Aguero was replaced Navas. The first 85 minutes, LI Qing substitute Zaha replaced. Then the end of the game, Manchester City at home 4-0 win over Crystal Palace.

2016/1/18 16:39:50