Before this round of competition, Chelsea has climbed to the fourteenth standings, they will be under Hiddink led the league in the second half of the Champions League attack, while round opponents Everton Blues currently being ranked eleventh. Opening the first 5 minutes, Buckley outside right foot shot was Terry blocked a bit, the goalkeeper the ball fell to the ground confiscated. The first eight minutes, Mirallas breaking ball, Zuma a nifty sliding tackles the ball damage the bottom line. The first 16 minutes, breaking ball to William restricted area right foot volley after, near the corner of Howard sealed ball seal the bottom line. The first 21 minutes, closed front left foot Loukakou blasts wide of the goal. The first 33 minutes, Azpilicueta bottom line pass, Oviedo goalkeeper blocked a bit after the ball confiscated. The first 40 minutes, Mirallas very threat of long-range periphery Courtois fell Cepu bottom line. End of the game the first half, the two teams battle into a temporary 0-0.

Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, the deadlock was broken, the bottom line sent near Baines cross, Terry accidentally own goal during the siege, the score became 0-1. The first 53 minutes, Barkley back in the left foot volley hit the goal post for a corner. The first 56 minutes, Everton to expand the lead, Mirallas adjustments after receiving a pass Baines turned left foot volley the ball straight into the net, beyond the reach Courtois, score became 0- 2. The first 64 minutes, Fabregas Houchangchangzhuan back to chase and attack Jiajierka Howard hit together, Costa easily get the ball into the empty goal, the score became 1-2. The first 66 minutes, Costa heel pass to a small law, Fabregas immediate concern restricted area right foot hit the door, the ball hit the defensive player who reflects the network, the score became 2-2, Chelsea in three minutes Within the match! The first 79 minutes, William periphery long blocked defender. The first 84 minutes, Mikel remote heavy shelling of the door just wide. Game just into stoppage time, Deulofeu right pass, Murray Qiangdian Leipzig succeeded, Everton ahead again at the last moment! Last minute of stoppage time, Oscar headed ferry, Terry to keep the ball with the heel scored, 3-3! Eventually the two sides battle ended in a draw, depicting a minute.

2016/1/18 16:41:21