Before this round of competition, Rinpoche Martino led the Spurs made 9 wins and 9 draws and three negative results, being ranked fourth in the standings, while Sunderland is ranked third. Opening the first 5 minutes, Kane peripheral right sudden Shi Leng Jian, Pickford Dan Zhang fell to the ground the ball denied the bottom line. The first nine minutes, the Spurs players periphery Cattermole blocked the shot, keep Ali resort above the crossbar. The first 17 minutes, Sven-Goran Eriksson left the restricted area pass, Kane outflanking hit the door wide. The first 26 minutes, received within the middle of the Terry Pierre Roth received the ball towards the ball on the shot, the ball above the crossbar. The first 30 minutes, Kane deduction over a defender after defender hit the door was blocked the bottom line. The first 35 minutes, Lamela break opportunity to get back in, but he hit the door inside the restricted area unmarked at the far side of the target column. The first 41 minutes, the deadlock was broken, put a plug in the van Aanholt Johnson received a small angle left foot straight ball break, the score became 0-1. About one minute later, Spurs equalized lightning, Eriksson burst right foot shot hit the defender who bomb into the goal, the score became 1-1.

Easy side battles, the first 52 minutes, Ali suddenly shot is blocked outside defender. The first 53 minutes, Defoe left the ball to the restricted area newcomer volley, the ball wide of the left baseline. The first 56 minutes, shot Phil Tong Heng top of the key hit high positions. The first 59 minutes, Kane's long-range by goalkeeper denied the bottom line. The first 60 minutes, the right side of the penalty area after Dembele lateral the ball left foot low shot, the ball went straight to the bottom right corner to score, the score became 2-1. The first 67 minutes, Erickson completed a brace, his left foot hit the ball directly back to face the door, the ball hit the body reflects the network after the other, the score became 3-1. The first 79 minutes, Ross Spurs won the penalty, Kane surgeon kick the ball into the corner, the score became 4-1. Since then the two teams had no achievements, the final harvest a victory over Tottenham at home.

2016/1/18 16:46:24