Spanish King's Cup first leg, Barcelona away to Athletic Bilbao, according to the "Daily Sport newspaper," said Macy's will not participate in the game, to participate in the weekend's league with Malaga not sure.

Local time on Sunday, Barcelona 6-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao in La Liga, Messi game thighs slight discomfort, coach Enrique replaced him in advance and arrange doctor accompanied him to the hospital for thigh They were examined. While the report shows that there is no Messi thigh injury situation, but just in case, Enrique decided to let him rest a few days, he will definitely miss the first leg of the King's Cup game with Athletic Bilbao.

Before the Barcelona club official has issued a statement saying Messi did not have any serious thigh muscle injury, but is slightly bump. Although not yet determine whether to participate in the next game, but his body does not matter. But obviously we do not want to Na Meixi Barcelona adventure, Wednesday's game will Messi Enrique truce.

In addition, Suarez will also sidelined through suspension, which means that only a combination of MSN Neymar one person. Enrique must be considered a good countermeasures, but Alda - Tulane and Vidal can play in the match.

It is worth mentioning that, from the current situation, and Malaga Messi can participate in the weekend's league is also in doubt, Enrique followed only a few days depending on his personal feelings before making a decision.

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2016/1/19 17:20:03