Arsenal star Sanchez in the last 31 days he has played eight games, but his status has been the impact of high-density tournament, in which eight games, the Chilean scored only 1 goal. For this phenomenon, the Gunners legend Alan - Smith said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger now need to consider the holiday Sanchez.

"I think Wenger has done the rest going to let him, because for this kind of thing you have to be careful."

"Sanchez did not know when to stop the run, he does not know when to stop training. Sanchez must save itself, because he put too much."

"Wenger will carefully watch this carefully calculate how long he played Chile in midweek, while considering whether to let Sanchez get rest in this round of the league."

"But Sanchez is a player that can bring his teammates, his passion contagious, his attitude to work no about his ability."

"He does not play, then the team will not the same, but now Arsenal must be careful, they can not overuse Sanchez.

2015/11/19 2:35:39