Marchal teenager Monaco last summer move to Manchester United. Recently, the move comes with the signature of both parties complete a formal contract is famous broke the news website "Footballleaks" exposure. French media, "Le Figaro" analyzed the details of the contract. Additional terms of the contract in terms of money, a slight discrepancy with the previous rumors, not before rumors of Golden Boy award terms.

The basic amount of the transfer as with the previous rumors of 50 million euros, this amount will be divided into two pay 20 million euros has been paid to Monaco last summer, in June 2016 will pay another € 30 million balance due.

In terms of additional funds, the same total amount as rumors of 30 million euros. But the terms of the details slightly different, the following is part of the contract:

1. If Marshall can break into the first team in the race in Manchester United's 25 goals during the contract period (4 years), the need to pay United 10 million euros Monaco.

2. If Marchal at Manchester United contract period (4 years) on behalf of the French adult team for 25 games or more (need to play 45 minutes per game or more), then Monaco, Manchester United need to pay 10 million euros.

3. If Marchal at Manchester United contract period (4 years) selected for the final three Golden Globe big list, you need to pay United 10 million euros Monaco.

Marshall has now scored eight goals for Manchester United in the race within half of the season, scored 25 goals four years seem difficult. And now Marshall has become the national team regulars, as no major injuries, 25 times in four years seems to have played in the national team clinches. It would appear that this transfer fee over at least 70 million euros.

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2016/1/19 17:24:33