Two straight Knicks sits at home today ushered in the 76 challenges, tenacious 76 people with the Knicks when the winner plus two fierce battle, and ultimately superior strength of the Knicks 119-113 home win .Knicks data: Carmelo Anthony - 19 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, Krista Phillips - Boer Tianjin Gisborne 16 points and 12 rebounds and 4 assists, Robin - Lopez 16 points and 10 rebounds, Aaron - Afflalo 25 points, seven rebounds, Derek - Williams 7 points and 2 rebounds.

76 Data: Djalil - Okafor 20 points and seven rebounds, Robert - Covington 11 points and five rebounds, Ismail - Smith 16 points, 16 assists and seven rebounds, Nalun Si - Noel 18 points and 13 rebounds 3 cover, TJ- McConnell 6 points and 7 assists, Hollis - Thompson 11 points and 4 rebounds.

Ismail - Smith hit a layup assists Noel opened the prelude of the game, followed by Ismail - Smith layup himself also in positive response. Knicks here, outside Calderon launched into third, Lopez fired back inside hook network. Afflalo breakthrough labeled 2 +1, Tianjin Boer Kyrgyz dunks succeeded, Lopez hook again, the Knicks shot a wave of 9-0 offensive, fortunately Covington promptly launched into third, avoid points difference It is opened. 76 attack was Ismail - Smith carded order, Hollis - after Thompson makes a layup, the first end of the game, tied the game at 29-29 flat into the second section game.

Section II opening, McConnell hit a jumper, Noel network continues the hook 76 offensive firepower, but the Knicks are not far behind: Derek - Williams layup labeled 2 +1 give retaliate. Covington then burst on the outside Lengjian incident three points, but the Knicks do not lack shooter: Afflalo and Calderon immediately answered with a record third network, the performance is not much better. Section II of the second half, the two teams in offensive efficiency decline, 76 is fetched nearly three minutes without scoring, Ismail - Smith makes a layup after the end of the game the first half, the Knicks to 52-47 lead five minutes into the second half 76 games.

The second half began, the first two no significant mountain dew Anthony enters third, Regis Tianjin Boer also jump into the net. 76 people here, Okafor hit three consecutive jumpers, one person struggling to support the offensive firepower, the Knicks seized the opportunity to play a wave of 16-8 offensive to expand the lead. After half of the third quarter, the 76ers offensive ring true, but fortunately Canaan stood out even in the two three-pointers, as the team to save face, Ismail - Smith, not in the third, the third quarter End of the game, the Knicks to 76-63 lead 13 minutes into the last 76 of the competition one.

Distal 76 people began to chase points, Noel inside two consecutive dunks, Ismail - Smith also break layup, 76 people hit 8-0 offensive chase points, points difference thus came within reach 2 points. After 76 people make persistent efforts, Canandaigua scored five points, after Noel scored inside, the team successful go-ahead score. The last 1 minute, 76 people, two points behind, Hollis - after Thompson thirds foul the opponent, only to three penalty is not in, missed a good opportunity to go-ahead score, but he then launched into thirds to atone, to make the team take the initiative. The last 3.4 seconds big heart Anthony enters the third, the score. Kanan not in the third, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime, the two sides continue in a see-saw, Canandaigua fouled two free throws, Ismail - Smith makes a layup, so 76 people to take the initiative. Knicks here, Lance - Thomas labeled 2 + 1 lesson. The last 39 seconds, Afflalo hit a jumper to make the Knicks ahead 1 point. After a key 76 attack errors, Lance - Thomas made two free throws, 76 of the precarious situation, but Covington incident equalized third, 7.4 seconds left for the Knicks, Anthony missed a jumper, the two sides re-enter overtime, the second overtime superior strength of the Knicks quickly opened the score, the final home win.

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