After the loss to the Celtics, the Wizards continue to take home the challenges ushered Blazers. First half both teams played neck and neck until the third quarter of the Blazers shot a wave of 23-4 offensive, opened the score. Eventually, the Trail Blazers to a 108-98 road win.

Wizards data: - John Wall 9 points and 10 assists, Marcin - Gortat 16 points and 13 rebounds, Bradley - Bill 16 points and five assists, Gary - Neal 11 points and four rebounds, Jared - Dudley 10 points 4 assists.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 16 points and six assists, CJ- McCollum 25 points and 2 rebounds, Allen - Allen Crabbe 14 points and 4 rebounds, Meyers - Leonard 18 points, 4 rebounds, Mason - Pula Bromley 10 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists.

An opening Lillard even with the cast suddenly scored four points, McCollum also hit the third, the Blazers offensive play 7-0 to become masters. Wizards side, Temple and Dudley hit a jumper for the team to save face. Half of the first quarter, the Wizards tried to open up the situation from the inside: Nene layup inside first, followed by a turnaround jumper to play board network, Gortat then also dumped firmly hit, I thought coming from the potential Wizards, who Meyers know - Leonard even 2 three-pointers, Crabbe also eyesight third network, the Blazers to 32-17 lead wave Wizards third of the rain 15 minutes into the second section of the game.

Opening the second quarter, the Wizards outdone answered with a wave-third of the rain: Bill enters third, Dudley also connected 2 three-pointers, to score closer. But the Blazers responded immediately: Henderson and McCollum have been launched into a three-pointers. After half of the second quarter, Gortat use height advantage in the paint again and again scored in him as unhindered, scored 9 points, Neal also dumped, so that the two teams points difference to 5 points . Bill after the incident the third, the first half end of the game, the Blazers to 59-57 lead two minutes into the second half of the Wizards game.

The second half, after the Temple enters third, Lillard immediately answered with two three-pointers network, Aminu also affected by the incident-thirds of his teammates feel hot, so the team came to the double-digit lead once again. Blazers after persistent efforts, McCollum also connected 2 three-pointers, also in Pula Bromley layup, leading the Blazers moment came with 18 points. Fortunately, even with the cast suddenly Neal scored four points, and Bill hit the third, a little to save some face for the Wizards. Meyers - Leonard then 2 three-pointers, the third quarter ended, the Blazers to 94-76 lead the Wizards with 18 points in the final one of the competition.

Distal opening, McCollum hit a jumper, converted offensive Crabbe scored, leading the Blazers will further expand. Since the points difference is too large, while the Wizards and the lack of an explosive score, the game gradually lost suspense this end, the Blazers win easily by virtue of Section wave flow.

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