Hornets two-game losing streak sits at home today ushered in a challenging jazz, the first three quarters has been to stay ahead of the Hornets, Jazz score distal be pulled Burke enters the last minute to tie the game when you add into the third. When the first two sides still could not add a winner, the second overtime, Walker scored 52 points to lead the Hornets 124-119 home win eventually.

Hornets data: Kemba - Walker 52 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists, Frank - Kaminski 17 points, seven rebounds, Marvin - Williams 19 points and 7 rebounds, Nicholas - Batum 10 points and 9 rebounds, 9 points and 6 Jeremy Lin rebounds and five assists.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 36 points and nine assists, Rudy - Goebel 14 points and 14 rebounds, Trey - Burke 25 points and 3 rebounds, Trevor - Booker 12 points and eight rebounds, Rodney - Hu Germany 11 points and 6 rebounds.

Hayward launched into an opening third, the Jazz become masters. Hornets side, Zeller scored inside, Walker shooting accuracy lesson. The first section in the middle, the two teams began Biao thirds: one-third again after Hayward, Walker and Batum together immediately answered with four three-pointers, the performance is not much better. After half of the first quarter, or Hayward points out, his first ball layup, followed by even 2 jumper to help the Jazz closer to the score. Johnson, not in the third, the first section end of the game, the Hornets to 29-28 lead one minute into the second section of the Jazz game. Walker Section 7 of 10 shots, scored 18 points, Hayward Section 7 of 8 shooting, scored 16 points.

Opening the second quarter, the Jazz offense misfiring, into a four-minute scoring drought, the Hornets here, Kaminski received Hawes assists dunks succeeded, Lin stepped hit a layup, and gradually establish a lead. Fortunately Goebbels stood out by virtue of his height and arm length natural advantage, two consecutive rebounds on tipped hit, forcing the Hornets request for the suspension. Suspension back, Marvin - Williams and Walker launched into third. After Hayward trip jumper network, the first half end of the game, the Hornets to 52-43 Jazz lead nine minutes into the second half of the game.

The second half began, Marvin - Williams hit a jumper, Zeller dunks the ball, the Hornets went ahead by double digits. Jazz here, Liles and Burke jumper, the score closer. Hayward state fiery first half, the second half will not ring true when the offensive team stand out, he was not even in 2 three-pointers, as the team stop the bleeding. Lin enters third, Burke turned to jump after the network, the end of the third quarter, the Hornets to 73-64 Jazz lead 9 minutes into the final section of the competition. Three Harding Park, Walker has scored 11 of 19 shooting, 31 points and seven assists.

Distal Kaminski enters third, Hood and Liles immediately answered with a record third network, then Booker also inside hook shot, the points difference gradually came to 5 points. After persistent efforts, Sir, after Hayward and the occasional injections third, the score was equalized success. The last 22 seconds, the Hornets lead 1 minute, Walker made two free throws, big heart Burke enters equalizer third, to send the game into overtime.

Overtime, Goebel dunks succeeded, Sir Hood hit a jumper to take the initiative. But even Walker scored 4 points with a fine cast, go-ahead score. Finally, Walker hit a jumper 25 seconds to let the Hornets ahead 3 points, but then the Jazz a key attack errors, the right to hand over the ball. But Ingles enters third, Goebel dunks succeeded, to tie the game, both sides therefore into the second overtime. The second overtime, with Walker's efficient play, the Hornets final home win.

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2016/1/19 17:34:34