Atletico coming in the King's Cup against Celta, coach Diego Simeone also interviewed before the game.

Simonyi expressed rival Atletico is really unwilling to face the team. "The team worked hard for other teams to bring difficulties, we always say so. Our performance is very coherent, it is difficult, for the King's Cup match, whether there is continued steady play is also key."

For he will become Atletico Ferguson saying, Simone also had to respond. "I always said I was likely to be dismissed. Based on this point, I've been in every game, every training session are to make every effort."

Someone will Godin, Aube Mubarak, Gelieziman compare with the BBC and MSN, which Simonyi said, "Godin's influence is really getting big. And I'm sure Gelieziman high light performance is derived from team effort, because in addition to Gelieziman personal capacity, he also needs his teammates to help, only to have an excellent play. "

Busquets said Atletico Madrid is more powerful than the opponent, this Simonyi said, "There are so many rounds of league, it is difficult, and two strong counter face them in a single game, or easier to knockout."

Simone also Jackson - Martinez's goal drought expressed their views. "He is also facing other teams in this situation, so it can dispel my doubts about him. I value his teamwork skills, his assists, his physical advantages as well as his back to goal. Of course, the goal will make his situation better. 

2016/1/20 16:14:25