Perhaps Rinpoche Tarantino received interest from clubs Manchester United, but Bocelli Tino willing to create their own success at Tottenham.

Tottenham manager Rinpoche Tarantino has ambitious plans, he had no intention to leave White Hart Lane. Spurs coach Popovich impressive young players in the culture aspect is the effect Zhuoqun, Eriksson, Kane, Ali, Mason, Bentaleb, Dell is a series of young talent to shine in the hands of Popovich.

Tottenham currently ranked fourth in the standings, Tottenham can qualify for the Champions League, whether Popovich will build on a printed his own mark on the team. "My decision is not only now, but also look to the future. I work hard, when one day I leave Tottenham if time will leave some wealth. The method of my work has been the case, not only the pursuit of present and crash results have been focused on the future. "

In the football world you can of course just as the result of war, regardless of the future. But for me, I'm always a balance between the two, and lay the foundation for the future." Rinpoche Tarantino said he observed those youth camp year-old child. "Tottenham has incredible potential for endless youth system. Sometimes we'll go and see U8, U9 or U10. We took the kids to see the passion play, if there is such opportunity to discover a very special moment of genius . "

Sometimes we spend a lot of time to see U8, U9,10,11,12 child training. We enjoy the process, U14, U15, U16 more professional." Tottenham outstanding youth also attracted the attention of other clubs , this is Manchester United, they fancy Tottenham youth academy director McDermott (John McDermott).

This Rinpoche Martino said: "This is the first time I heard this news to me, McDermott is a very important person I think after 10 years you can see the players' development. He is one of the best youth people I've ever met. Wednesday night will usher Tottenham and Leicester City in the FA Cup replay, this is the third time the two teams clash recently, the two teams 2-2 draw in an FA Cup game, Tottenham 0-1 at home in the league defeat to rivals.

2016/1/20 16:18:37