Before Manchester United 1-0 win over Liverpool, Degea rare interview from receiving a full English Sky Sports, in an interview on his show stay at Manchester United to become the team's legendary desire.

In the fifth round of the Premier League, Manchester United's game against Liverpool, the first show after the debut of Marchal go past Skrtel, pause scored a goal. Whom the entire Old Trafford into a carnival, the Premier League has a new star, and Old Trafford has a new hero. But on that day, there was also a major event. Rather, in the warm-up when there is another big thing.That is a return to the starting Degea into before the official start of the race, the home fans with a deafening voice shouting his name.I can not describe that moment I feel." The Spain international said he had done before that return home, ready for Real Madrid's.

In other countries, other clubs, fans will not like Manchester United fans so they are one of the best fans in the world, is really unbelievable.Degea transfer transaction at the last minute burst, Real Madrid and Manchester United have accused each other to this end. Before the trade deadline Manchester United and Liverpool for four days, while in the transfer market, Manchester United signed Marchal, making it the second highest paid player aged below.At the time, it seemed Degea the free transfer to Real Madrid in the summer of 2016.

But then a lot has happened. First, Degea signed with Manchester United has been the New Testament, including the buy-out clause. Secondly, Madrid banned in the next two transfer transactions during the transfer window.I am very happy, I am enjoying this life, and I trust the team." Degea said. His voice sounds like and want to go, in fact, when it comes to Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar, his tone sounded like Manchester United wanted to dedicate more years.They are the Premier League's best goalkeeper, they are legends of this team, this is my goal." Degea said.I'm working hard every day to FIG become the best goalkeeper in the world, this is my goal.

In the previous FIFA world best team in the goalkeeper position after Degea Neuer.I'm not sure who is now the best, but I want to be the best. I also want to win the trophy for Manchester United.People are likely to forget, when Manchester United have arrived Degea mistakes constantly criticized. At that time, he has thought about leaving, when Old Trafford will not be as they are now so many people to retain him.The first day is very difficult, there have been times when I thought, 'This is not for me, I have to return to Spain,'" referring to the 2011 game against Blackburn that game, Degea said. Then an error Degea makes the team lost the game, he also lost the team position.But I worked very hard, whether in the gym or on the field, I'm very desperate.Unremitting efforts and hard and finally gave him in return, are Manchester United squad Degea Player of the Year the past two seasons. Transition and troughs in the team, he stood out.That is why the last game against Liverpool so important, Manchester United just got a new hero, they also keep the old one.

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