Naples made before the tournament's five-game winning streak, while Inter Milan are five races without victory. The game both on the team for a certain degree of rotation for the stay in force league. The two sides after the opening performance are more conservative. The first seven minutes, midfielder steals directly attempts Moteng Si hanger gotten Handanovic. The first 14 minutes, Mo Tengsi outside the area right foot curve ball pocket the far corner, the ball flying out of Handanovic. Close to 26 minutes, Strinic bottom inverted triangle cross near the penalty spot Kalie Hong outflank Tui, but unfortunately the angle being too Handanovic resolved. The first 28 minutes, Coulibaly periphery long put anti-aircraft guns. The first 42 minutes, Teles cross from the left, Coulibaly empty when the siege kick, the ball hit the arm Coulibaly, but the referee did not make representation. The first 43 minutes, Alan tries to hit long-range high peripheral. The first 45 minutes, Gabbiadini free kick by Handanovic cross body resolved. Half Harding Park, the two sides goalless draw, it is worth mentioning that the Inter dominated the first half, although Possession, but did not complete a goal.

Easy side battles, the rush kicked Coulibaly Vidic booked. The first 52 minutes, Ljajic any ball door causing confusion Naples penalty area, but Coulibaly in time to defuse dangerous situations. The first 55 minutes, Mo Tengsi periphery long gotten Handanovic. The first 58 minutes, Hamsik played replaced Alan. The first 63 minutes, Vidic peripheral foot curve ball to get the door is firmly Reina. The first 66 minutes, Teles cross from the left, not far from Naples defender headed the rescue, Medel volley after the point slightly higher. The first 72 minutes, Wa Erdi Carly in tactical foul booked, then put Higuain Surrey, intended to be within 90 minutes to resolve the fighting. The first 74 minutes, Inter Milan play fast counter, Vidic frontier closed area kicker curve ball from the center dart net nest, their view is obstructed Reina failed to make saves, 1-0! The first 79 minutes, Mo Tengsi tripped Changyouyoudou booked. Then Higuain theory also booked to the referee, Naples players mood slightly excited. The first 82 minutes, after strong eat Hysaj Ljajic left small-angle shot hit the side-netting. After 1 minute, Mo Tengsi pass in the left point before Higuain shakes nodded. The first 86 minutes, Mo Tengsi periphery long cause Handanovic sell, Higuain wants Handanovic blank range but was first to destroy. The first 88 minutes, the restricted area within Moteng Si and Miranda fall after the occurrence of physical contact, the main referee Mo Tengsi diving to its shown a second yellow card and was sent off Moteng Si. The first two minutes of stoppage time, Inter Milan play fast counter, Vidic sent Zhise, Ljajic pole broke, 2-0! Thereafter Mancini sent off by the referee, but Inter have a winner. Cruised to the final audience, Inter Milan 2-0 Lectra Naples, successfully into the Italian Cup semi-finals.

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