Sunday, Barcelona will be away to usher national derby with Real Madrid. In an interview with ESPN interview, Harvey talked about Messi, he said that Messi is the greatest player, but if there is no competing with C Ronaldo, he can not reach this level now.

"Pele and Maradona have changed football, but football has been in development." Harvey said, "Now the players than it used to be good, the game more exciting. Whether it is from the physical, tactical, technical on or theoretically, to better football than before, while Messi is the best ever. "

"But if there is no C Ronaldo, he will not achieve today's success, he did not win those Golden Globe. I do not think if there is no Messi, C Ronaldo win at the Golden Globes. They promote each other. Although they They are excellent scoring hands, but comparison, Messi will be more involved in the team competition to go. "

"Messi slowly grow into a man, he is a shy person, but if you get his trust, you will find that he is a good man. He was joking, is the best joke in the locker room one man. He was very witty, very ironic joke. He is very clever, most importantly, he is a winner. "

Since the Sept. 26 knee injury, Messi has returned to training, but whether he can campaign Clasico still unknown.

This lack of war in his few games, Barcelona won five of six games, the summit of La Liga, three points ahead of Real Madrid. They also ranked first in the Champions League group stage, Harvey said he watched all the games of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona also recently lineup is impressive.

"In the case of Macy's lack of war they have done well, they have the strength of the defense, to give the opponent a lot of pressure so that they do not have time to think. Barcelona will win the Champions League this year, I am very confident. Access down game will look very well, I have a good feeling for them, this time for them would be a good time. "

Real Madrid earlier in the November 8 just lost the first game of the season, lost to Sevilla. Nevertheless, Harvey represents Real Madrid is still a formidable opponent, he said at the leadership of new coach Rafael Benitez, Real Madrid's defense do better.

"Real Madrid this season, is also very strong, people say Benitez adept at tuning the defense, indeed, they are now compared to the other teams have conceded fewer (7), while the number of goals than any other team ( 26). "

National Derby this Sunday, is the first time there is no Harvey played since 1998. And Harvey said that no club won the national derby game can be compared.

"I love it, the national derby is the best, this is the most pure football confrontation at the Bernabeu game is like a gladiator into the arena. This eternal confrontation feels great, it feels like you against the world. This is not just football, it feels like a village in a village attack in addition. This means that everything for everyone. When you start the game, kicking the goal, then saw the stands only 200 Supporters then celebrate with you, it feels too beautiful, the feeling is one of the best in life. "

And in predicting the winner of the national derby, Harvey said: "I am a Ming Basa, I hope they can win, win everything." But he also acknowledged that Macy's absence may impact.

"If Messi sidelined, then I think about the two teams, Real Madrid also have injuries, but their injuries did not like Barcelona Messi affect so much, it is difficult to predict who will win at the Bernabeu. No words Macy game is very difficult, but I think Barca momentum now just to have a chance to win.

2015/11/19 2:44:02