Warriors star Bradley Richmond - Green KNBR 680 in an interview that he agreed with "Magic" Johnson's view.

In yesterday's game, the Warriors on the road to 132-98 victory over the Cavaliers, Johnson also made a special push on his own views, he does not think Knight Warriors opponent.

Warriors landslide victory, let the Cavaliers know, even though Knight (last season's finals) lineup neat (full strength, there are at full strength but also full of meaning), the Warriors will still win the championship," the magician writes, "Warriors Tonight for the whole Union sent a message that they want to complete the mission this season, to win the championship again. Warriors are the best team in the league, and the most exciting team. "

Turning the tweets, Green said: "I agree that Twitter content, and before that I tweet, post tweets and tweets in (Laughter) all agree that Twitter, I absolutely agree with this, the entire NBA season, things will happen, but it exceeded our and their control, we really can not control who they sent to play, we can do all that is gone, then they fielded against the players. "

Cavaliers in the finals last season, missing Carey - Owen (injured in the first game in the finals) and Kevin - Carrefour, they eventually lost to the Warriors 2 to 4.

Green said: "Owen and Carrefour injuries unfortunately, but in the end, it really was not our fault, we won the championship, I think if they do not (injured), the situation is not different.

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2016/1/20 16:41:47