According to "San Francisco Chronicle" reporters Rusty Simmons reports, the Warriors will play against the Bulls in tomorrow, in the 1995-96 season the Bulls had to get over a single season record of 72 wins and 10 losses.

So how many internal discussions Warriors Bulls 72 wins things? Warriors interim coach - Luke Walton said: "It is also not, the players in the locker room might be, but as a whole, coupled with our efforts to accomplish things, it would not be lifted.Walton went on to say: "This is (the players) team, if that's what they want, we have no opinion on this, if they want to be close to the record, they must have played well in every game performance, our thing is: if we really close to that point, then this is the 'this way, incredible, and great.' "

Warriors star Stephen - Curry said: "We obviously understand (the Bulls) place in history and our possible late in the season, I think think they are a waste of energy to catch up, we need to focus on let us play in April The best performance and the need to do. Chasing the record of 72 wins early in the season is not a target warrior, and if they end the record close distance, they will chase the record, Curry said: "Yes, because that would be our other goal, As we enter the playoffs is another challenge, you obviously have to play a very high level in order to win, especially at that stage of the season, when the team for playoff position to fight, and when we went to there, we will worry about those things. "

Warriors this season has been so after 42 games, the record is 38 wins and 4 losses, then that support the Bulls record after 42 games is 39 wins and 3 losses.With the team (72 wins Bull) keep company great," Klein - Thompson said, "they can be said to be the best team in history, is with them into the same conversation, and this is especially.If we are close to that point, then we are likely to want to break it very clear that this is a nobody thought would do things, although it still has a long way to go." Thompson said.Walton said: "I did not realize how much the Bulls 72 wins before impressive, until I came into the league after the season to see how difficult and how long, and in order to win more things to do, I Tell yourself, I think that the record was never to be touched. 

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2016/1/20 16:47:58