Liverpool coach Klopp deny that they have run out of patience for Sturridge.

The England striker missed the past 11 games, Liverpool, due to the still not properly trained, so his return date is being constantly delayed. It is said that the Red Army is ready to sell the player, but denied that he had run out of patience Klopp.

He said: "The decision on what my 2 and a half years left on his contract, but I have only 3-4 months, that is not the issue here to be responsible, we must do everything we can to make Sturridge recovery?. physical strength, in order to return to the Premier League. We all know that in his physical condition is good, it is very easy, but at the moment he is not enough. We can not change this situation, but at the moment I do not consider (for Stuttgart Ritchie) decision. "

Sturridge has always a good thing, but if he can not play, it is not good. At the moment he is not in the team, that's true. This season we have many games hoping to use Sturridge, but ultimately did not able to do so. If there is no accident, then he needs at least 10 days. "

You can not close the case of injury to play, then injured again, and again near the injury, playing again, wounded again, and then in training injury recurrence, and then you say 'Come on' pick a day for 5 days to let him in play it, and then he was injured. We have to be patient, to be honest, that's not my specialty. But for this, I have no choice.

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2016/1/22 17:34:02