Bayern goalkeeper Neuer recently interviewed, talked about the interview Neuer Bayern this season, a lot of goals and their future possibilities.

No team completed four consecutive achievement in the history of the Bundesliga this is our biggest goal, but also a very difficult task.." This season Bayern in the efforts toward the Triple Crown, but Neuer said: "The I, being able to become German champions is a successful season "starting next season will become Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, which Neuer believe this will help the players grow:" experience new things for players are good. "

Also Neuer talked about his future at Bayern Neuer very happy now, but do not rule out the possibility of leaving Bayern after:. "I feel very comfortable at Bayern, but I do not exclude, in the future there are going to do other idea. But my contract to expire until 2019, and now is 2016. "

The most talked about Hounuoyier European Cup this summer, he believes the German team's defense is key:. "We knew we had to strengthen the training, we did not show a perfect strength, I also part of the defense of each other we do not have time to train, We have been in training camp before going to practice before the big game. I hope we can achieve the best during the European Cup.

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2016/1/22 17:35:34