Arsenal's recent state average, Jin Lianglun League draw with Liverpool and Stoke City respectively, currently three points behind the leaders. Chelsea coaching change after the undefeated, the tournament three wins, four draws, but the last two rounds with the opponent as Arsenal get a draw in a row, the current position of the front and 17 from 4-point needed a get back the feeling of victory. The campaign Cech and Fabregas were played former team, Ozil starter back from injury in time to play, Azar and Sanchez also return back to the bench. Start of the race. 1 minute, Oscar and Joel - Campbell respectively kicker scoring chances in the other penalty area failed to break. The first 10 minutes, Oscar Shence uprooting Joel - Campbell booked. The first 14 minutes, Azpilicueta cross from the left after William Dianshe failed to keep up with the volley hit the goal, clearance by Per Mertesacker near William once again got to keep a low shot near corner by Petr Cech hands. The first 17 minutes, after Mertesacker uprooting plug Diego - Costa, since single-handedly destroyed the chance of Chelsea eat the red card. The first 21 minutes, Arsenal play a small one to make tactical adjustments, Giroux replaced by Gabriel. After 1 minute, Ivanovic on the right pass found inside the restricted area Diego - Costa, the latter in front of Tuishe 0-1! The first 33 minutes, Monreal Zhise restricted rib find Walcott, who affixed to arc the ball hit the door and the designated door also adjudged offside. Small angle wading two defenders inside the first 41 minutes, the restricted area after Costa's shot was Cech resolved. Ivanovic then take William's corner was rescue Monreal gate line. The first 44 minutes, Koscielny knocked William booked. First half injury time, Flamini in the area and outside the instep ejection hit higher circles. Chelsea temporarily Arsenal 1-0 halftime lead.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 45 minutes, Flamini brought down Fabregas behind booked. The first 56 minutes, Sanchez Campbell substitute appearances. The first 59 minutes, Matic hit Sanchez booked. The first 62 minutes, Ozil left kick, jittery final form melee inside the Chelsea penalty area Zuma Feet siege. The first 67 minutes, Diego - Costa injuries appear to be substituted Remy. The first 69 minutes, Fabregas kicker outside the area to get the opportunity, not a threat to long-range, hands Puzhu Cech. After 2 minutes, Mikel hand stopped to Sanchez booked. The first 74 minutes, Chamberlain replaced Walcott. After 1 minute, Azar replace Oscar appearance. The first 84 minutes, Courtois attack disposal, Arsenal failed to seize this opportunity. The first 86 minutes, the restricted area of ​​the heel Flamini's shot flew Courtois flying. The second half injury time, within the restricted area small-angle shot hit William wide circles. Eventually, Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0.

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2016/1/25 17:27:37