Before this round of competition, Inter Milan ranked third in the standings, four points behind leaders Naples, while their opponents Carpi is temporarily ranked third place, the strength of the gap is very obvious. Opening the first three minutes, Mu Bake ancient Letizia received straight ball after ball Tuishe network keeper, but the referee signaled the ball foul earlier attack. The first seven minutes, Ljajic direct free kick shot was denied the wall. The first 13 minutes, Perisic, great shot inside the cut after the release of the anti-aircraft guns. The first 20 minutes, a small angle shot burst Mbakogu goalkeeper confiscated. The first 26 minutes, Ica was blocked defender Jordi Qiangdian blasts. The first 31 minutes, Ljajic arc near the volley was back he denied the bottom line. The first 40 minutes, the deadlock was broken, Ljajic flat ball was defender denied, Perisic and then shot in the back edges, seize the opportunity in front of the Palacio scored the ball, The score became 1-0, Inter Milan maintained a lead into the second half.

Easy side battles, strong long-range first 50 minutes, Perisic floater is flying goalkeeper saved the bottom line. The first 53 minutes, Mello's pass to help Palacio opportunity to obtain single-handedly, but his right foot Tuishe wide of the post. The first 61 minutes, Mu Bake ancient biography, Manke Su catapult he missed the ball. The first 68 minutes, the players throw Carpi vigorously throw, keep one foot shot burst Marty Mourinho inside the penalty area, the ball he denied Juan stretch. The first 80 minutes, Ljajic again direct free kick shot, the ball in the human wall, Miranda melee and then shot the ball high. The first 82 minutes, Ronaldinho Ica raising his header was blocked goalkeeper, Palacio blank range once again been resolved goalkeeper. The first 84 minutes, Di Pa Hugh received a second yellow card and sent off. The first 93 minutes, but one person operations Carpi the match! Lassana received the ramp into the restricted area of ​​the left foot low shot after the ball plug Bianco and Handanovic saves less! The score became 1-1! Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Inter Milan 1-1 at home Hanping Carpi.

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2016/1/25 17:32:17