The first six minutes, Bonucci strong long-range right foot from outside the area, Shenqinsini ball confiscated. After 1 minute, Man Zhu Keech left foot was stepped on pain fell to the ground after Daniele De Rossi, the referee yellow card to De Rossi. The first 13 minutes, Rüdiger knocked down on the looting Dongzuoguoda Di Bala received a yellow card. The first 17 minutes, Florencio together outside the area long-range Buffon resolved. The first 33 minutes, Di Bala left the ball to the frontier closed area Khedira, who turned his right foot fire blocked the defender. The first 37 minutes, Chiellini headed siege not far, but Sarkozy's right-footed volley Florencio not eat prospective site. The first 38 minutes, when Pjanic defense arm ball in the penalty area, but the referee without making representation. Half of the game ended, Juventus and Roma have failed to score.

Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, Man Zhu Keech foul was a yellow card the referee. During the first 64 minutes, Nayingelan restricted area hit the door was defender denied the bottom line. The first 68 minutes, Cuadrado periphery long been Shenqinsini resolved. The first 77 minutes, Bo Geba sent Zhise, Di Bala offside trap low shot broke into the restricted area, 1-0! The first 89 minutes, Pjanic free kick hit the defensive player who after a little higher. Cruised to the final audience, Juventus 1-0 victory over Roma, ho to take the league 11-game winning streak, continues to rank second in the league.

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