In the second half of the Bundesliga's first game, a 3-1 win away to Borussia Dortmund. Competition Royce contributed a pass for a shot, won the 1 point out after the game, "Bild" score. The European Cup in 2016, Royce in the new year on a good show their status.

And Royce the most important reason behind the outbreak may be traced back to a year and a half before, when Royce last moment missed Brazil World Cup stage. Royce good friend teammates won the World Cup, but I can only silently waiting Royce in front of the TV.

In an interview with German media, Royce talked about his plans for this year. "I want to play, stay healthy, participate in the European Cup in France, where I can not show in the 2014 year of the show." Royce wish to follow the German team won the European Cup. "Lost in the final as injuries, they happened on the way, I have to accept it. As a player I was able to pay all until the final whistle. If not successful, you'll ask yourself, what can be improved? the problem lies in what? You have to find the key, the next time the final increase. "

Royce around the winter break with a therapist to help their recovery, in the first training session after the winter break on the restoration of joint training team. Also in the diet Royce and more attention, he believes long habits contribute to their physical condition.

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2016/1/26 17:15:54