4-game losing streak sits at home to usher in six straight rocket pioneer, the Rockets coach Kevin McHale announced before the shocked class alliance. But the Rockets completed a stunning reversal. Rockets 38-23 in the distal offensive play catch up the score, the last attack Brewer horseback archery hit the ultra-long-thirds into extra time. Harden overtime team swept all nine points to help the team win the victory. Eventually, the home game of the Rockets to a 108-103 win over Portland reversal achieved victory.

Rocket Data: James - Harden scored 45 points and 11 assists, eight rebounds and five steals, Dwight - Howard 7 points, 19 rebounds and three blocked shots, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 18 points and 8 rebounds and 2 assists. Substitute side, Corey - Brewer 16 points and four rebounds.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 23 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 16 points and 15 rebounds, CJ- McCollum 19 points and six assists. Substitute aspects, Allen - Crabbe 15 points and five rebounds.

Before the game, the Rockets announced that coach Kevin - McHale class, assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff JB- become interim coach, meanwhile, they changed the starting lineup, Jason - Terry replace Thailand - Lawson starting to play. Both sides in the beginning of the performance is very good, the Blazers rely Feng Levin jumper first to open situation, then divided into three Aminu team to control the situation. Rockets rely on third Harden made in this field first points, followed by Jones and Trevor Ariza restricted consecutive dunks to help the team to reverse the score. Both of you come to me to play another wave flow, the Blazers had to rely on a continuous score McCollum opened the score. Harden led the Rockets then rely on three-ahead score three-pointers, the Rockets sent a wave of 13-2 offensive go-ahead score. The collapse of the last paragraph of rocket misfiring again, after the team 3 minutes 35 seconds in a scoreless third Blazers rely Henderson narrow the score. The first section of Harding Park, the Rockets to 22-21 with a 1-point advantage into the second quarter.

Second section back, the Rockets scoring drought still continues, the team with 4 minutes 18 seconds in a scoreless until hemostasis Ariza had just three hits to break the deadlock. Blazers perimeter continuous score, one contribution Crabbe two three-pointers to help the team go-ahead score. Both sides stalemate is not comparable, points difference has never pulled a large open. The first to open up the situation pioneers, Crabbe's jumper, Aminu outside hit the third, the Blazers last paragraph usher in a wave flow, in the last paragraph of the rocket 4 minutes 45 seconds in only rely on Lawson's shot win two points, half of Harding Park, the Rockets 35-46 behind 11 points.

Easy side battles, both sides quickly find the feeling after halftime to give the rest of the time, before the start Blazers beaten all three attacks, including Lillard pointers. More to force the Rockets here, Terry and Trevor Ariza hit consecutive three-pointers, Harden back then labeled 2 + 1 score down to single digits. Although the attack to find the feeling, but the defense makes anything and everything, Lillard won two consecutive long shot, McCollum even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the Blazers once again establish a 16-point lead! Rocket attack last paragraph still sharp, Howard labeled as 2 + 1, Harden and Brewer continuous foul free throw line, but the points difference has not narrowed, Henderson hit the long shot last moment firmly hold the lead. Section Harding Park, the Rockets continuous grab missed shots, the team continues to 61-76 behind double-digit points difference.

Brave sense of shame after the rocket launch in the fourth quarter last-ditch, team momentum on the suppression of opponents, Harden scored four consecutive fast-break points, Brewer outside hit two three-pointers, the Rockets will rely on the fast break madness point deficit to eight points. Since then the two sides attack you come to me are not a problem, but both teams are unable to resolve the defense, the Rockets once Capella rely on anti-basket chase four points, the Blazers rely on McCollum's key-thirds stabilize the situation. Chase staged rockets continue to impact fouls, they all hit eight consecutive penalties, including Howard made two free throws, the Rockets always maintained hope. Blazers stalemate continuous mistakes, rocket rely on key three Harden ignited hope. Aminu made two free throws in the last paragraph, the Blazers also maintained 3-point advantage. Harden the ball after the field was almost anti-death, he quickly moved up the Brewer, who almost to hit a running jumper pose difficult goal to tie the score three-pointers, distal cruised with Brewer fairy ball, the Rockets 99-99 points difference will be smooth when the game into overtime.

Harden took over the game in overtime, he first hit the shot, then step back into 2 + 1, the key outstanding ability to help the team build a lead ball. Portland's offense stalled, Aminu shooting and Lillard desperately layup to help the Trail Blazers kept faint hope, but with the key mistakes Aminu, the free throw line for Harden made two free throws to help team to seal the victory. Eventually, the home game of the Rockets to a 108-103 win over Portland complete reversal of the victory, the Rockets end 4-game losing streak, while 7-game losing streak to the Trail Blazers.

2015/11/19 2:59:42