Liverpool's recent state of undulating league nearly two poor state of both Manchester United lost 0-1, 5-4 there last week Norwich lore play, now promise to cut the Red Army of one mind. The Stoke City last week, 3 goal difference lost to Leicester City, the first leg 0-1 at the Britannia Stadium also lost to the Red Army, overwhelmed by a guest also slash only victory to qualify for the final finals. The campaign Lovren sitting on the bench Xifulana Gan injury to return to starting, Crouch and Glen - Johnson will first play former team, Charlie - Adam sitting on the bench. Start of the race. 20 minutes before the stage, Liverpool holds the pace of the game, but because of the long pass more mistakes did not form an effective attack and shooting, Stoke City because of the high closing down Liverpool failed to organize an effective attack. The first 21 minutes, Waters received a long ball form single-handedly, but the shot hit the far corner just wide. After 2 minutes, Emre - Zhan Baituo after Whelan's defense outside the box hit long-range high. The first 24 minutes, Muniesa behind uprooting Moreno booked. The first 33 minutes, Liverpool quick kick, Emre - Zhan least bit of difference between the long-range cross after a short trip. The first 41 minutes, Henderson chest after removing direct long-distance volley ball wide of the left post. The first 44 minutes, Afellay after peripheral tried long-range kick the ball failed to hit the target. First half injury time, Bo Yang foot cross from the right found Arnautovic, which easily Tuishe network, 0-1! Subsequent slow motion shows Arnautovic when the ball offside position. Liverpool at home to Stoke City 0-1 to temporarily end the first half.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 48 minutes, Phil minocycline within the area outside the instep small-angle volley hit the outside of the right column pop-up. The first 57 minutes, Glen - Johnson peripheral volley hit high. Subsequently, Henderson was replaced this Turk. The first 61 minutes, Nicolas Waters flying block within the restricted area small-angle volley. The first 67 minutes, Milner free-kick out on the right, Nicolas find inside the area, after the latter's header bomb to the bottom line. The first 70 minutes, Bo Yang is Charlie - Adam replaced. The first 77 minutes, Sacchi Arnautovic substitute appearances. The first 83 minutes, Phil minoxidil long-range attempt in the periphery could not hit the target. The first 85 minutes, Joe - Allen Substitution Kolo - Toure. After 1 minute, Flanagan Shence uprooting Afellay booked. The second half stoppage time, Crouch then Charlie - Adam headed a corner top high. 90 minutes stage, Stoke City beat Liverpool 1-0. Two round total score of 1-1, the two sides will enter into 30 minutes plus.

Overtime 1 minute, this Turk gave the ball behind Phil Mino, whose low shot was Bart Rand directly. After 13 minutes, Fanjinkeer then Crouch header ferry restricted area small-angle shot hit the outside of the right column up the bottom line. Liverpool substitutions in the second half to make a final adjustment by the Eby replaced Flanagan. The first 24 minutes, then Fanjinkeer Crouch header ferry after being shot inside the restricted area to get Mignolet hands. Overtime 0-0 draw, into the cruel penalty shootout.

First kick is Stoke Walters penalty kick into the net on the right side corners, then hit the road network of Lallana. The second round of Crouch's penalty was saved by Mignolet, then Emre - Zhan's penalty hit the left post. The third round Glen - Whelan's penalty again into the right side corner, then lightweight network Turk rhythm after this pause. The fourth round of finger after Afellay's penalty shot flew into the net nest, then Phil Camino enters the lower right corner. The fifth round of Sacchi push left corner, and then launched into the lower right corners Milner. The sixth round Fanjinkeer hit, followed by Lucas pushed right corner. The seventh round, Muniesa penalty was again saved by Mignolet, then Joe - Allen's penalty firmly hit. Final penalty shootout 6-5, Liverpool poise first to enter the new Wembley Stadium.

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2016/1/27 17:42:39