Sky Sports expert Matthaeus before the football star had some assessment of worth, it seems the old horse, Argentine striker Lionel Messi worth of 250 million euros, the highest for the football.

German media said, in today's transfer market determine the level of players worth three factors. First, the young players worth will be higher, because he has upside potential. Second, the offensive player worth more, because they scored the decisive goal in an important game, so they are more attractive than a defensive player. Third, the contract period is longer relevant players worth will be higher.

In Aubameyang, for example, this season's top scorer this name Dott has scored 18 goals, is one of Europe's strongest striker. He is currently 26 years old, is the player of the golden age, and more particularly his contract until 2020, and will expire four and a half. So Mateus for his valued at 100 million euros.

In accordance with the evaluation criteria, Mateus worth of players who were assessed most expensive football player for Barcelona star Lionel Messi, his net worth was 250 million euros. Real Madrid star C Lo worth of 200 million euros. Bayern striker Levan worth of 130 million euros. Neuer, Muller are worth 100 million euros. Dott star Royce worth of 80 million euros. Worth and get a lot of recent attention giants Schalke teenager Sane for 50 million euros.

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2016/1/29 15:35:20