Sits at home in Memphis today to usher in Bucks challenge with excellent play Section Grizzlies reversed the situation to establish a double-digit lead, distal Barnes one of four three-pointers contribution will lead expanded to 20 points or more locking victory. Eventually, the home game of the Grizzlies to 103-83 victory over the Bucks won the victory.

Grizzlies data: Mark - Pau Gasol 15 points and eight rebounds and four assists, Courtney - Lee 13 points and 1 assists, Tony - Allen 13 points and seven rebounds. Substitute side, Jeff - Green 21 points and five rebounds, Matt - Barnes 13 points and four rebounds.

Bucks data: - Chris Middleton 15 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists, Michael - Carter - Williams 10 points and six rebounds, Greg - Monroe 21 points and seven rebounds. Substitute side, Jerry - Bayless nine points and three assists.

Both teams start the performance of comparable consecutive jumpers rely Grizzlies Gasol and Randolph's first to open situation, then Gasol then scored four points to help the team get a weak lead. Bucks here, rely on third Middleton won the first points, followed by Monroe vote with a fine contribution to the hot pursuit score 5 points. Both teams excellent performance always make the score deadlocked, the Bucks last paragraph relying Middleton scored consecutive successful go-ahead score. The first section of Harding Park, the Bucks to 27-23 with a 4-point advantage into the second quarter.

Second section of the two sides began the bench rotation, very good performance Grizzlies lineup, Green hit three-pointers lead one contribution 5 points, Carter back then labeled as 2 + 1, the Grizzlies start a wave of 12-2 offensive reversed the situation. Bucks here until after the game before the last 2 minutes 07 seconds into the first record by the Antetokounmpo warfare goals. Under the stalemate Grizzlies Yuezhanyueyong, Tony - Allen scored four points, Pau Gasol and Randolph teamed scored 4 points, the Grizzlies opened the score in the last paragraph of success. Harding Park half, the Grizzlies to 50-41 halftime lead the Bucks to compete.

Easy side battles, the Grizzlies start moving steadily manufacture of anti-Tony - Allen and lead Conley hit consecutive foul ball, then again fouls Randolph made two free throws, the Grizzlies shot a wave of 11-2 offensive start to score widening to 18 points. Big deficit wake Bucks, Monroe at low continuous storm scored 4 points to help the team to stabilize the situation, with the help of the pick and roll shooting Houmaikawei scored 4 points, the Bucks will be sent out to the single digits see hope. Grizzlies third side Green quickly control the situation, the Grizzlies last paragraph of the two three-pointers and then re-widening lead. Three cruised the Grizzlies to 76-62 with a 14-point advantage into the fourth.

The last 12 minutes, the Grizzlies still maintain hot start third hand, Barnes and Green's two three-pointers to let the Bucks have no way to defend the Bucks not only detrimental to the offensive end is also very general, former team 2 minutes 22 seconds in only scored a field goal, Bayless key three-pointers and 2 + 1 has helped the Bucks to regain their confidence, but the Grizzlies sent a wave stream here soon extinguished the flame of their counterattack. Barnes hit one three three-pointers, almost single-handedly points difference widened to 25 points to seal the victory. Since then the situation is completely favored the Grizzlies, ultimately, the Grizzlies to 103-83 victory over the Bucks won the victory.

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2016/1/29 15:45:17