Since Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada after being rushed to hospital, Kohler became the focus of media attention. She rushed to the hospital the first time, after a long time in the hospital to accompany, Odom finally waking up, slowly into the post-recovery treatment.

"I stayed in the hospital about three and a half weeks, so has been left alone in the end, everyone in my family advised me, they say, 'Kohler, you have to out of the hospital, even if the outside is also one hour Well, go to the gym, do something for yourself, what would not be of Odom, '"Kohler said in an interview the case.

"I went to the gym with a kind of anxiety is actually a mood to go, but after I left the hospital, I went together and Ken Doyle started training together with my trainer, my feeling is, 'Oh God, I Well, I once again changed back to normal it! '"

31-year-old Kohler original Kardashian family is not to steal the spotlight in most people, the most famous Kardashian family of a woman is her sister, Kim - Kardashian. After all, on the degree of beauty, sexy body extent, the ability of speculation, Kohler and Kim compared are not rivals. However, this summer, Kohler obsessed with fitness, took a long hard training, weight loss, obviously, it makes her whole face value and sex appeal have improved a lot. In addition, the relationship between her and the Rockets star Harden has become the focus of everyone's attention, so this summer thunder Kohler basically overshadowed sister Kim.

"I feel really great, but in the hospital that three and a half weeks, I have not thought about the fitness of things, because I think about other things," Kohler expressed.

"I've been through a very difficult time in life, I was thinking in the end not to submit my application for divorce. This is with body weight, weight loss what nothing to do, but I need to find a way to release the pressure. I do not know when one of their own solitude when you can go to any place, any place is safe, but I still want all together. My family obviously filled with many emotional factors, the gym is a sentiment I can release the safest place. "

2015/11/16 3:30:48