Thunder vs. Pelicans, Durant continues to injury, Pelican core Anthony - Davis injured again yesterday, today missed. Although pelican injuries affect a large area and by fighting back to back, but they played a very tough game, has been entangled into the game with the Thunder last. However, the campaign's Westbrook scored 43 points at the crucial moment scored 11 points to help the Thunder to seal the victory. Eventually, the Thunder at home to 110-103 Lectra pelicans, ending a two-game losing streak at the same time, to give opponents five-game losing streak.

Data Thunder: Russell - Westbrook 43 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists, Sergio - Ibaka blocks 6 points, 5 rebounds, Anthony - Morrow nine points and two rebounds, Andre - Robertson eight points and eight rebounds; Substituted : Enes - Canterbury 24 points and 14 rebounds, Dion - Wei Tesi 4 points and 4 rebounds, DJ- Augustin 9 points and 3 assists.

Pelican data: Ryan - Anderson 30 points, seven rebounds, Eric - Gordon 18 points and 5 assists, Ismail - Smith 18 points and six assists, Alexie - Jinsa 12 points and 10 rebounds; Subs: Dante - Cunningham 9 points, 6 rebounds, Tony - Douglas 8 points and 3 assists.

After the start of the game, away from home in Pelican feel good at the start, the base hit the third, Eric - Gordon and Jinsa also hit in the cast. However, the Thunder feel more fiery, Westbrook early into the attack mode, he hit two in the cast, and fouls, and even 5 free throws, Morrow also soared in the two three-pointers, the Thunder played 15-9 start. But after the emergence of Thunder offensive after a wave of state and downs, their hit rate suddenly plunged into a nearly four-minute scoring drought. Pelican is more investment and smooth, Gordon layup and hit the third, Ryan - Anderson shot down four points, pelicans 9-0, in one fell swoop go-ahead score. Although Viagra less in this section of the final three minutes to stand up and then scored four points, but Gordon answered with a layup labeled 2 +1, Ryan - Anderson then hit, Ismail - Smith also hit a jumper last attack, pelican pelican 27-21 lead six minutes to the end of the first section.

Second section back, pelicans bench Cunningham again in the third, the pelican made 9-point lead. However, after the Thunder bench Expand counterattack, Kantor continuously successful offensive in the basket, individuals scored 5 points, 韦特斯 also layup, the Thunder played 7-0, only 2 points behind. Thunder bench after the play momentum to continue to succeed, Augustin and 韦特斯 break layup, Singler hit the third, also in the basket and then hit 2 Canterbury ball, with this wave of offensive, overtake Thunder completed. Pelican hit rate fell in this section, only piecemeal score. Thunder at the end of this section and then hit the climax, Kantor succeed in the paint again, Ryan - Anderson has also developed a flagrant foul, hit two free throws less prestige, and labeled as 2 + 1, in the last attack Robertson layup, Thunder at the end of the first half to extend the lead to 53-45.

After the halftime break, pelicans back off chasing points in the third quarter offensive, Ismail - Smith, Ryan - Anderson hit a jumper, Jinsa scored 4 points in the basket, hit a wave of 8-0 pelican, the point deficit to 2 points. However, the Thunder after a brief downturn immediately launched a counterattack, Morrow and Robertson dropped into third retaliate, Thunder opened the score again. After Westbrook continuous continuous attack the basket, he scored six points, led the Thunder played 8-2, to extend their lead to 12 points. But the pelican Ismail - Smith give back, he continuous attack the basket layup, individual scored six points, Ryan - Anderson also shot down four points, slightly narrowed the points difference pelicans. This section of the final three minutes, and then hit a wave of Pelican offensive chase points, Ryan - Anderson fired into the third, Cunningham and Jinsa layup in the paint, pelicans play 7-1, only 4 points behind. However, Wei less in the last attack the basket rebounds and tipped succeeded, Thunder 80-74 lead six minutes, and ended the third quarter.

Pelican Substituted Douglas suddenly opened fire in the fourth quarter, he came up even in three goals, personal scored six points to help the pelican the points deficit to 3 points. But the Thunder bench has responded fiery campaign status Kanter scored 4 points in the paint again, Augustin dropped into the third, the Thunder able to hold its ground, leading with 8 points. Thunder play momentum after scoring off the bench again, Augustin and then in a record third, Kantor tipped scoring, the Thunder fell swoop widening their lead to double digits. However, the pelicans have been very tenacious, they again set off to chase points climax, Eric - Gordon and Ismail - Smith layup, Ryan - Anderson and Babbitt dropped into third, pelicans in just 1 minute more minutes of time scored 10 points, Thunder Westbrook dropped only 1 jumper, pelicans play 10-2, points difference again narrowed to 3 points. However, Wei less in the final 3 minute to come forward, he suddenly struck the first blow, completed two consecutive layup and hit a jumper and two free throws in the manufacture of anti-personal scored 9 points to help the Thunder score advantage again widened to 8 points. Pelican did not set off again after chasing points climax, although Ryan - Anderson 24 seconds in the game or hit the third, but in the case would not be enough, pelicans only foul tactics, ibaka firmly hit free throws, and Pelican subsequently failed labeled, last road loss to the Thunder.

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