Today Knicks Raptors Away campaign, although Carmelo Anthony - and Krista Phillips - Boer Tianjin Gisborne are lack of war wounds, but in the game Aaron - Afflalo has led the team tenaciously biting the score, but the final stage of Lori critical hit consecutive home win over the Raptors responded to score, to get ten in a row.

Raptors data: Kyle - Lori 26 points and 10 assists and six rebounds, Demar - DeRozan 26 points and 4 rebounds, Jonas -Valančiūnas11 points and 18 rebounds, Patrick - Patterson 10 points and five rebounds, Corey - Joseph 11 points and 7 rebounds, Luis - Luis Scola 7 points and 4 rebounds.

Knicks data: Aaron - Afflalo 20 points and 4 assists, Jie Lian - Grant 13 points and six assists, Langston - Galloway 12 points and 4 rebounds, Sasha - Vujacic 13 points and two rebounds, Robin - Lopez 7 points and 8 rebounds, Kyle -O'Quinn8 points and 6 rebounds.

The first section of the game the first half, the Knicks inside the main focus, Robin - Lopez, O'Quinn and Langston - Galloway were made to get 4 points in the paint slightly ahead, while the Raptors here, inside and outside the Scola After biting score seven points, followed by three-point play in Efulaluo, Raptors backcourt guns began to play, DeRozan personal chopped 7 points, while Lori leaving the Raptors go-ahead layup score. DeRozan has since shot a pass for the team maintained a lead, Lori sent assists to Terence - Rose inside and outside to get 5 points, the Raptors 27-21 lead to end the first quarter.

Came to the second section, the court sent the ball Lori still let Terence - Ross and Patrick - Patterson retake 5 points inside and outside, and he is once again layup, but Seraphim and Derek - Williams Sri Lanka can only look inside scoring was opened the score, after a while blacksmith, although Lance - Thomas hit two plus a success, but then continuously fed the ball to Joseph Patrick - Patterson inside and outside shouting 5 minutes, and then Lori Joseph's layup and three free throws firmly pulled to make the score 14 points, followed by Amundsen's three-point play and Afflalo's long shot was also Lori and jointly respond DeRozan , the last Valančiūnas consecutive offensive rebound into the frontcourt and Jie Lian - Grant made two free throws, Galloway also layup, narrowing the score to 43-53 to make the Raptors still ahead.

Beginning the second half to break Afflalo three-point play succeeded, followed by DeRozan and Galloway each team to get four points, while Afflalo outside third network Knicks continue to narrow the score, in fierce Long pause after coming back, the Knicks consecutive rebounds, O'Quinn and Lance - Thomas each had two points inside the points difference was narrowed to 1 point, but Hou Luorui made with all-thirds foul penalty again, then it is with DeRozan, Patterson teamed up again to play the Knicks lead to a wave of 11-3 nine minutes, then another jumper DeRozan, Joseph and Biyombo then each made two free throws to expand the lead, in After Vujacic third of the net, the Raptors still lead to 73-63.

The two sides came to the last one, Vujacic continue after feeling up again in a record one-third, then the two sides into a fight, both sides also respond with sporadic get score, hit half-section, the hook shot Biyombo let Meng Long maintained a 12-point lead. Pause came back, the two sides plus warm feel, scenes are hilarious, first Valančiūnas after three-point play in the paint even take 5 minutes, while Vujacic and Derek - Williams also respond in a jumper, then hit three Efulaluo points and assists and Vujacic again in the jumper, Derek - Williams Adds two points, but Lori also layup and a long shot and then let the points difference 11 points, followed by another Lori Glenealy 5 points Vujacic responses third and Grant layup to keep the team at the last minute in a 10-point lead and eventually win the Raptors 103-93.

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