The game, as many as 5472 Manchester United fans to away teams, created a number of spectators and away the best team this season. Class suffered rumors troubled Van Gaal to make removal of the main game, trying to win the opponent. Match the first 2 minutes, Manchester United played left wing wonderful, Fellaini cross Rooney, Rooney made the ball directly to Marshall, Marshall misses the target. Game in the rain, passing control of the match Manchester United use. The first 14 minutes, Rooney on the right ball, adjusted shot hit Marchal body. After the first 15 minutes, Manchester United opened the scoring Shinaidelin forward pass Rooney, Rooney and Marshall with his right foot curve ball pocket shot far corner, beyond the reach of Carson, the score was 0-1! But slow motion shows that there seems offside when the ball Rooney. Derby County came from behind to fight back, the first 21 minutes, Brackman beat Barrera header was Degea get. Subsequently, Marshall left the restricted area the ball misses the lesson. The first 32 minutes, Manchester United played wonderful left, Marshall after Rooney and Mata fit into the box, but the ball missed the boat big trip. After 3 minutes, Lin Jiade right pass, Marchal Mata volley shot hit the body. The first 36 minutes, Derbyshire equalizer, Blinder headed siege not far, Martin homeopathic cross, Thorn Road plug break, the score was 1-1 to rewrite! The first 39 minutes, after Marshall left the ball reached the restricted cross was destroyed. After cutting inside the first 44 minutes, right-sided Brackman shot slip out the door. Subsequently, the first half end of the game, the two sides in a 1-1 score into the intermission.

Easy side battles, both sides are no substitutions adjustment. The first 51 minutes, Derbyshire right pass, the Luma Ding missed after point Brackman misses the target. Subsequently, Warnock uprooting Barrera is shown a yellow card the referee. The first 55 minutes, Marshall left cross, Rooney inside the restricted area was blocked to stop the ball turned and shot. The first 57 minutes, Manchester United missed scoring opportunities, Rooney ball assigned to the right, Lin Jiade pass, Mata header wiping out the distal end of the post. Then Derbyshire adjustments to make substitutions, Brackman was Lazhaguyi replaced. The first 60 minutes, Fellaini corner Zhengding header being too Carson got. The first 65 minutes, after the ball field after Blinder killed cross midfield Mata Mata to the right, Lin Jiade cross, Blinder Qiangdian Tuishe to rewrite the score was 1-2! The first 73 minutes, Carrick replaced Shinaidelin. Derbyshire attempt to reverse even for two people, Hendrick and are replaced Johnson and Russell Thorne debut. 83 minutes, breaking the left inverted triangle with Marshall, Mata seal the victory for Manchester United, the score became 1-3! Subsequently, Herrera Mata is replaced. Eventually, the match will end with the referee's whistle, lost to Manchester United 1-3 Derby County. Manchester United to win the next round, while Derbyshire were eliminated.

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